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Changes to YUI and how it affects eZ Publish Platform

Monday 08 September 2014 3:35:38 pm

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On August 29th Yahoo! announced that they are dropping further development of YUI, the javascript framework eZ Publish Platform have been using for several years now. In this blog post we will summarize the consensus we got with others during eZ summer camp, including changes we’ll do now and in the future.

For those that have been following YUI for some time the prospect of Yahoo! one day not maintaining it anymore is not new, especially since Marissa Mayer, their CEO, have been focusing all the other parts of the business to make sure Yahoo has turned profitable over the last few years. However like for many others, YUI was a stable and mature platform in a fast changing environment where everything else was far more volatile, a stability which now ironically is the arguments for it’s full stop in further development.

The last month there has been rumors on this in the YUI community. So we actually had a internal discussion the day before the announcement, and we agreed that this is not the end for YUI. For several years to come, if Yahoo! allows us and others in their community, there will be contributions to make sure it continues to work. Otherwise there will be a fork, but as already mentioned we and others have picked it for it’s stability, and not for promising future developments which might be what someone forking it has in mind. But time will tell.

Course adjustments

So we are not going to panic, we after all did bring our towel. However we will have to do some course adjustments:


As already decided in the past we will avoid use of YUI in Frontend (DemoBundle, ..), and continue to use Bootstrap and jQuery here. However we will most likely prefer HTML5+ / ES6+ / CSS3+ features over use of jQuery which with time might get the same fate.



  1. As our future Platform UI both allows Symfony based (traditional, YUI ajax enhanced) and YUI based (rich single page app) development we will from now on favor the former for new interfaces. This will allow us to potentially speed up the development of the new interface as we have more developers available to help out on this, and as it is not a layer on it’s own it does not need the same amount of testing (mainly functional acceptance testing needed).
  2. Furthermore for extension points for community/partners we will try to abstracted those from the framework, similarly to how we also do in our backend PHP code.
  3. We will in the future prototype and find a replacement for the rich client part of the Platform UI, and we would like to do this together with the community. However our overall main priority is time to market for the new User Interfaces, so we will most likely not finalize such an effort before we launch first couple of versions.

So that is it for now, prototyping and thoughts welcome as always.

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