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Platform dev weekly #49 (2015)

Friday 04 December 2015 2:45:15 pm

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In this first platform development weekly for December, we will talk about the ezpublish / app folder, the Platform RC tag, Symfony 2.8 and the current dev team activity.

Following the demo cleanup from last week, ezplatform has received a much needed change: the `ezpublish` folder has been renamed to `app`. Most of the changes have happened in ezsystems/ezplatform#70, but extra changes can be found in the JIRA task. For those following master, upgrading was as simple as merging the changes, and moving what had been left into ezpublish to app. The nginx and apache configuration files have been updated as well.

Platform app folder in PhpStorm

The main reason for this change is consistency with Symfony standard. Any content published about Symfony, or software plugin, will work without any customization. It should make it easier for both Symfony developers and eZ developers to get into the product. It also connects to what eZ Platform is. With our legacy history, as well as the way we have released software over the last 16 years, we were used to releasing a complete solution, as an archive. But since eZ Platform was created, we have tried our best to keep it separated so that it can be integrated into existing projects. The custom folder was making this more complicated for no real benefit.


Content editing, required by user registration, won't be part of this initial release. 

Frontend content editing prototype

The code now under review will be merged into master soon, though, and development will continue shortly after the release. You might still wanna review those, though, as they introduce a pretty important feature: frontend content editing. ezsystems/repository-forms#59 adds Symfony Forms support for the Content domain. It allows you to generate a valid form to create or edit a content in your project. Though, the most basic Field Types are supported right now (Text Line and Text Block). ezsystems/repository-forms#62 integrates the controllers into the View API, added back in November. This hides the dirty forms work into listeners, and allows you to override the template and controller used to render the form. A use-case would be to customize the blog post editing view.


About the Platform release, the first release candidate of eZ Platform has been tagged last Wednesday, December 2nd. While it is an internal release, it marks a stepping stone in the product's development. You can install via composer the usual way. Note that the rc1 has been built with Symfony 2.8. Unfortunately, an issue has been discovered that affects siteaccess aware settings. The next builds will be restricted to 2.7 until it is fixed. But that issue aside, know that Symfony 2.8 works pretty well. Carlos, our contributor of the year, has already opened an issue about the eZ Logo looking weird in the new debug toolbar.


Once the stabilization phase is finished, the core team will focus on technical and user documentation. A new documentation space, dedicated to eZ Platform, will be created. The existing documentation will be filtered into this new space, thus deleting legacy references. Missing documentation for new / updated features will be added: Views, Solr, new project structure... If you feel like an entire part is missing, make sure you report an issue on JIRA. Comments on existing documentation pages also work.

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