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Testers Wanted: eZ Platform v1.4.0-beta1 is out and it's full of new features!

Friday 17 June 2016 4:04:55 pm

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Summer is here, and v1.4 (previously called 2016.06) just entered its beta phase for the next 12 days. It looks to be the greatest release yet with lots of new features; read on for how to test and help report bugs.

Beta testers wanted

Without further ado, new features:

  • Dashboard
  • Sub items grid/thumbnail view
  • Content Version Management
  • Location Swap, thanks to contribution by Carlos Revillo
  • User Registration, initial support built on top of UGC work
  • Fulltext Search preview
  • [Create] Content on the Fly preview
  • Query Controller, letting you e.g. list children locations entirely using just Twig and yml
  • Docker Tools beta

Want to learn more? Check out our release notes with screenshots and further information:

Installing demo


To get started installing a clean version, see links in release notes; however, to see all features in action, we have demos available that you can use. Assuming your setup is already cable of running eZ Platform:

composer create-project --no-dev --keep-vcs ezsystems/ezplatform-demo demo @beta
cd demo

php app/console ezplatform:install demo

Change "ezplatform-demo" to "ezstudio-demo" if you have eZ Enterprise subscription and would like to test eZ Studio v1.4.0-beta1.

Reporting bugs

On both eZ Platform and eZ Studio JIRA tracker we have released 1.4.0-beta1 so that you can easily mark that as affected if you find any bugs. 

So with that said... Happy testing!

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