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The eZ Publish 5 FieldType tutorial is available

Friday 07 March 2014 4:37:36 pm

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Field Types are the most granular building block for content managed by eZ Publish. Custom FieldTypes are a very powerful type of extension, since they allow you to hook deep into the content model.

The system comes with about 30 native types that cover most common needs (Text line, Rich text, Email, Author list, Content relation, Map location, Float...) 

They are responsible for:

  • storing data, either using the native storage engine mechanisms, or specific means
  • validating input data
  • making the data searchable (if applicable)
  • displaying an instance of the type

This tutorial will guide you through the required steps to build your very own FieldType based on eZ Publish 5 and the Public API. It covers creating a FieldType bundle from scratch, and implementing it: classes, settings, templates... in the end, you will have a functional FieldType that accepts the URL of a twitter status, and fetches the embedded version using the Twitter API. It will also validate that the status author belongs to an optional "approved authors" list.

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