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v5.4.7-beta1 is out and is testable on PHP7

Thursday 02 June 2016 6:47:33 pm

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As requested by several we are working on making sure we can fully support PHP7 in eZ Platform (and implicit in eZ Enterprise), and some are also requesting that we backport that to eZ Publish Platform 5.4. This is now done. Read on to see how you can test this out, and what it implies.

Today we released ezpublish-kernel v5.4.7-beta1 (see if you have login) for enterprise customers, and comments-bundle v5.4.7-rc1, both which contains the same fixes that eZ Platform users have been using since last year to run on PHP7.

So what is supported?

Once 5.4.7 is our later this summer, it will support the same as what eZ Platform does currently, running on PHP7 for dev use, and single server. There is just one difference from eZ Platform: In eZ Publish Platform 5.4, on PHP7, we don't support running with deprecation notices. Right now however it is only out in beta, so mainly for those of you that want to test out on PHP7 and on your development environment.

Why deprecation notices?

Because eZ Publish legacy, first created in 2001, contains a lot of code now deprecated by PHP7. Including use of deprecated constructor functions, that we will never change there as it will mean breaking BC (Backwards Compatibility). And as there is no more major version of legacy planned, we basically won't fix those.

What about PHP7 Cluster support?

This will hopefully come later, we will first introduce this in eZ Platform later this year, either once memcached php plugin becomes stable for PHP7, or we might get around to test more broadly with Redis and end up supporting that on PHP7. Once that is done we will will evaluate if we will backport it to 5.4.

So this is mainly useful for dev right now, and it will allow you to use PHP7 on your dev installation as long as you have CI / test infrastructure testing against the PHP version you use in production. However, even internally we recommend that people have at least a PHP 5.x and 7.0 installed on their development machine, and ability to switch between them.

How to test the beta?

Testing the beta is as simple as:

composer require --update-no-dev "ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel:v5.4.7-beta1 as 5.4.7"

And if you also use CommentsBundle:

composer require --update-no-dev "ezsystems/comments-bundle:v5.4.7-rc1 as 5.4.7"

With that, good luck, and comment on slack if you find any issues besides those mentioned ;)

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