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Conference at the Forum PHP 2013: Create an eZ Publish website in 45 minutes

Friday 22 November 2013 11:54:08 am

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Patrick Allaert and I presented a conference yesterday titled Create an eZ Publish web site in 45 minutes (actually it was in French eZ Publish : un CMS pour créer un site orienté contenu en 45 minutes) at the Forum PHP 2013 in Paris.

(A French version of this post is available on my own blog)

The slides (in French) are available online and the associated code, the ForumPhp2013DemoBundle, is also available on Github. The idea was to present some of the core concepts of the eZ Publish 5 CMS (by the way the 5.2 version was released this week!):

  • the content types
  • eZ Publish 5 is a Symfony 2 application
  • the flexibility of the CMS and how to practically build a website

On the practical part, we showed (links to point to the diff on Github):

  1. how to write an override rule for the full view to use a custom template
  2. how to use in addition a custom controller to inject additionnal info in the template
  3. how to organize the templates by using sub-views
  4. how to mix to sub-views and custom controllers (i.e. the full view and line views can use a custom controller without any trouble)

After those steps, we also modified a content type live and adapted the template to take into account the newly added field (a binary file field).

Of course, those topics are covered by the documentation:

If you were there, please rate the talk on and if you were not, the recording should be available soon.

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