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David Ennis

Dear 42,405 users: Please Help!

Wednesday 11 July 2012 11:36:17 am

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I am writing this blog as an expreiment and need the assistance of every eZ Community member to assist me.  Please read on to the full article to see how you can help.

Dear all 42,405 Users,

  • The largest announcement regarding eZ Publish in years came out last week
  • There was a a somewhat heated and active discussion thread related to the BIG NEWS
  • There was a Google Hangout with eZ Systems engineers yesterday

All Important things, but I cannot help but notice the relatively small pool of people involved after such an announcement.


  • The announcement has discussion posts by approximately 14 individuals
  • Other than the the eZ Systems guests and the host, there was only 1 active participant via video, two questions via text and one further question vie youtube.  Now, of course this does not say how many people watched he video, but the lack of participation would suggest a very small crowd.

Where is this all going??

Well, to be blunt, I am trying to see if the current active  eZ Community even has 500 active participants.  Mu gut feeling now is that it is a very small number - especially if you subtract the consumers(people that create an account for the one-time purpose of asking a question) - much smaller than that.

How You can help:

Please just post a comment below to let me know you have a pulse.


Simple - I spend alot of time assisting people with forum questions, I am now considering putting in some time to produce some extensions and some lessons and want to know how active the community is.  The more active the community, the more effort I will put into my further commitment of writing about eZP4 and eZP5

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