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CJW Network publishes snappy prototype for eZPublish/eZPlatform admin backend

Wednesday 22 February 2017 12:46:57 pm

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eZ Systems has raised and discussed the question of revamping the eZ Platform UI in different blog posts. We at CJW Network feel that releasing our AngularJS and REST based prototype can add some practical insights to this discussion.


Like most eZ developers, we at CJW Network have used eZ Publish for years in a very traditional way with server side rendering only, somethings augmented with progressive enhancement for some few features. Seeing the challenge of making web apps more responsive and snappier, we begun to dive deeper in Javascript development using AngularJS.

In first steps AngularJS proved to be very versatile for realising complex interactive forms. Once we were confident with the technology, we realized that AngularJS provides a high level of modularity.

This lead to the next question: can we build a highly modular application, like a content editing backend with it? How easily can we add functionality, new datatypes and the like? How easily can we use it with the eZ Publish REST API V2?

The result is a light-weight, blasting fast prototype for a backend for eZ Publish/eZ Platform.

Current status

This project began as, and still is, a side project, developed in spare time. It is currently on hold due to limited resources. For the time being it is based on eZ Publish 5.4/2014.11 and AngularJS V1.6, but preliminary tests with eZ Platform V1.8 were successful.

Why make it public?

We decided to make it public as eZ Systems has raised and discussed the question of revamping the eZ Platform UI in different blog posts.

We feel that this project can add some practical insights to this discussion. The principles elaborated in this project could be applied to similar frameworks like ReactJS.


He have setup a demo where you can see the app in action. It is no beauty, has ceratinly some bugs, but offers basic backend functions at a stunning speed.

The demo is reset every hour. Don't be afraid to play around.

CJWAdmin Sample

CJW Admin sample page


The bundle is published at You will be able to add it to any eZ Publish 5.4/2014.11 installation in order to gain further insights about the architecture.

What you can expect from CJW Admin

  • Basic content editing functions (create, edit, delete and move content objects, add locations)
  • Basic content class editing functions
  • Stubs for other admin functions
  • Note: limited functionality with eZXML datatype due to editor and REST API restrictions

Want to contribute?

If backed by the community and/or eZ Systems, we consider resuming the development. Please contact us if you would like to contribute.

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