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Doug Brethower

Rename an eZ Publish Installation on OS X

Saturday 25 September 2010 6:19:05 pm

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Ever run into this situation?

Start out with a nice clean test install named something unremarkable like "ezwebin".

Then play with it until it fleshes out into something of substance, to the point it is useful. A hearing museum in this case.

Feel stuck with this unremarkable and not descriptive name for a remarkable new project?

I know there are many eZ provided facilities to achieve the results and move an installation. For me, this makes sense on my local OS X testbed, and takes little more time to perform than it does to read.

This is the most minimalist way I have found to rename my eZ projects. These steps tested and proven on ezwebin extension at eZ Publish revision 4.3.

Assumes log in as a user with sufficient privileges.

General Info -- The httpdocs directory in OS X is /Library/Webserver/Documents

Make a Copy

cd /Library/Webserver/Documents
cp -Rp <existing folder> <new folder> in this case cp -Rp ezwebin com_hearingmuseum
cd com_hearingmuseum

Make the Necessary Changes to eZ files just Copied.

  • settings/override/site.ini.append.php -- replace "ezewbin" with "com_hearingmuseum"
  • Search the /setttings/siteaccess/* directory structure and edit any site.ini.append lines that reference the old path to reflect the path change. Same as step 1.

Change some Database entries, in this case 7 places in two different tables.

  • Search the database for the old path "localhost/ezwebin" and replace with "localhost/com_hearingmuseum" I use phpMyAdmin for this step.

Manually clear the caches by deleting all files in these directories


  • /var/cache/
  • var/ezwebin/cache

Spotlight search the com_hearingmuseum folder structure for "localhost/ezwebin" inside files.

In this case, found one at:


Replaced that text with "localhost/com_hearingmuseum"

Load up http://localhost/com_hearingmuseum

Hope this works as well for any interested as it does for me.

Additional info when moving server to server --

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