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eric browet

My adventures in ezpublish5 (the Symfony of code)

Thursday 26 September 2013 7:03:34 pm

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"A Token was not found in the SecurityContext."  So untoward and common is this problem. But with courage we can solve almost everything. I found the problem and share the solution (for my particular case).

In my project i have to replace the database of my development environment by the database of the integration envronment(i work on eZ5 in legacy mode). Usually so easy and carefree but in my case it's was a nightmare when i try to log in front site : i've got a big Symfony exeption "A Token was not found in the SecurityContext.". In first i control my ezpublish configuration, then my PHP configuration and at least server configuration, but nothing seems to work and solve my problem. So i take a new point of view, i look my user classes and see that i have a image datatype.  

So I decided to recover the repository storage of my integration environment  and put it in my devellopement environment. And to my great joy my problem was solved. So when User Classes have media datatype eZ5 need to find the related files(media datatype)  when you log with this kind of user, otherwise you have ez symfony exeption.  

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