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Redefining eZ Publish User Interface, Story 1.1, refining the subitems

Saturday 13 April 2013 1:00:43 am

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Hi all,

We've not been posting lately but it doesn't mean we haven't make progress. We have!
I have in the pipeline three stories to share - coming soon. We also started working on visual design and I hope to share more soon as well.
For now I would like to bring some more information on the way we manage sub-items in the Offsite User Interface (OUI) as this is one of the topics that raised quite some questions and comments.

To do this, please find below a new story with wireframes following the same concept. This has mostly been done by Rainer, with me bringing feedback, kudos to him.

In short, it defines in more details how we display and interact with sub-items in the OUI, especially for things like:

  • searching in sub-item list when you have a lot of them: 

Here we introduced a search filter as well as a column based filtering which will be fairly natural.

  • choosing the content type when creating sub-items

Here as well we introduced a search filter as suggested by some of you, but also we used the content type groups which could make the selection simpler.

  • displaying additional fields in the table list view of the sub-items.

Here we decided to rely on a window allowing to choose the fields to be viewed. This rely on basic checkboxes, but also on the ability to use field categories to facilitate the selection. A search is also available to complete in case of many fields. This should of course not be limited to a fixed number of fields but include all fields available.

As a last bonus for the week-end, we added a feature that was requested by many: how to, from the sub-items table, select different sub-items and batch-edit some of their fields. This shall save a lot of time!

Please keep bringing the good feedback!

Don't hesitate to comment this refined part of story n1 and n2!

Cheers and stay tuned for more,


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