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Redefining eZ Publish User Interface, Story 4

Tuesday 19 March 2013 10:52:43 pm

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Hi all, this is 4th blog post we would like to share regarding the process of redefining the user interface for the eZ Publish Platform.

On this one, we will keep looking at a pure "wcm" feature of eZ Publish: the front page editing capability. This was already slightly touched by the previous story. Now we will look at this in more details, looking at how it can be used to manage complex front pages.

The story takes an editor (or a marketer) through a very usual journey: optimizing the frontpage by reorganizing the blocks of information that are available on the page, may be creating new blocks, and managing the flow of content being displayed on some of these blocks.

This feature has been known by eZ Publish users as part of the 'eZ Flow extension' and will be a core functionality of the system. One of the objective around this story is to improve usability of the feature and to make it more intuitive. Another main objective is to refine and simplify the feature. On-purposely, some of the options have been left down the road, such as:

  • changing the layout of a page once the page is created, 
  • mixing shuffle, rotate and schedule content flow together (which can lead to unclear use cases)
  • using different layout per block

On the other end, usability features have been introduced such as:

  • visualizing in the timeline when changes occur
  • plug the overflow of a content queue more simply
  • overflow between zones
  • ... and of course a visual interface for all the block manipulations

I hope you will like this new concept. Please keep the good work, we really need your feedback and comments, just let us know what you like or dislike in this new approach by commenting below!

Stay tuned for the next blog post which will surely speak about workflow and collaboration!

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