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43 000 Members, And Counting!

Friday 07 December 2012 12:40:23 pm

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Today the counter on the right-hand side of displayed the 43 000 figure. James registered as 43 000th member of the eZ Community, from China. As another one the day before, while the eZ Community only counted a very few members so far in China. This is significant.

43 000 members in the eZ Publish Community


From the spark in 99...

Where two young brothers got down to business building a company around the by-the-time crazy idea of open-source, and solid values. It turned out to be simply...visionary!

Today's 43 000 figure represents this already long community life, where people joined, grew, sowed the seeds, and sometimes became part of the Alumni club. today, blooming Community & Ecosystem...

Where, in particular, the past three years showed an important change in the level of engagement by community members, in many different ways:

  • Contributions to the product - The amount ideas submitted in eZ Roadmap has soared, the amount of code contributions was multiplied by 30 in 2011 after a slow start in 2010, and will be almost doubled in 2012 compared to 2011. Engagement on all aspects of product development, from ideation to testing. A wonderful example of this is the freshly released eZ Publish 5 Platform,
  • Knowledge exchange and creation - Through your blogs here on, at other places, through intense forums exchanges, on the social media channels, fostering a stronger feeling of belonging. tomorrow, a new dimension in size, and engagement!

Today's momentum merely is our energy to reach the heights we all deserve. The eZ Community has a massive potential to grow, expand, reach-out to our neighbor communities (Tech, Non-tech), now truly entering a new era in terms of product positioning, and from a technological stand-point!

Let us all continue sowing the seeds of our community, bringing friends along, and meeting as frequently as possible (eZ Community events calendar coming-up soon!). We are all ambassadors!


Many thanks to...

Every single community member spreading the word and engaging, playing the community game.

Every single community member willing to engage, to the extent of his availabilities.

To the community teams, the folks heavily engaged! 

To my Community Management team, working hard (Maud & Sylvain)!

To eZ, for heavily contributing to making this all possible! 


Keep-up fellas, 
Yours devotedly,

Sow, all the time

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