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5 Good Reasons We Should Never Miss It Again

Tuesday 22 October 2013 3:56:56 pm

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You’re probably wondering  what I am talking about. Well, beginning of September was held the second edition of the eZ Summer Camp in Bol, Croatia.  I have read, heard, seen feedback of it, and I would love to go there next year.



1.   The IRL part of Community Management.

Of course, community management happens a lot online. We could all meet the eZ Community on share or github or eZ projects, all those places where developers love to gather. But how cool is it to meet people in real? How great is it to hear face to face the tips on how to use eZ Publish better. How wonderful is it to hear all the stories and jokes you had on eZ Publish integrations. How marvelous would it be to share all the frustration of coding … (Am I going too far, here? ;))

2.    Because it was full of knowledge and I love to learn

I might not be passionate about coding and not in love with all the secrets of PHP language. But probably because I never had the good mix between ‘teachers’, ‘leaders’ and ‘geeks’. eZ Summer Camp would have been a perfect opportunity to introduce myself to something interesting and challenging to learn (I heard you… very challenging to learn. But isn’t it what makes eZ Publish developers so proud of themselves?).
Also, there were workshops on Symfony2, the framework on which eZ Publish is based. This makes it even more interesting to learn. Whatever question we think about, we would have had experts next to us.
Two topics (and what topics!!) in 3 days.  

3.    The eZ engineering team was available and happy to help

Of course, some of you know that I am sharing the Lyon’s office with them. So, why don’t I go to their office (10 steps away from mine) and ask them my questions. To be honest: they’re most of the time very very busy improving the CMS to make you happy. They’re not always available and sometimes very very concentrated.
But under the sun of Croatia, with the relaxed atmosphere surrounded by motivated people, they had three days dedicated to trainings and workshops for developers. And hearing their constant talking about eZ Summer Camp, they simply loved it!

4.    It was greatly organized and it was fun

My kind colleagues who went to the Summer Camp kept us informed on how it was (yes, with photos and tweets, and posts on Google+). Three days of hard work...But also three after work evenings. Ivo didn’t miss a chance to post photos of wine tasting, scuba diving, and the blue Croatian water. And Croatia has a great weather, so they had the chance to enjoy great weather and summer temperatures.

5.    Croatia is a great country and Bol a beautiful place

Photo : Damien Pobel

As a world citizen and a travel passionate, I have always missed Croatia in my plans. But let’s be honest, I checked the photos (and made sure there was no photoshop there…), I talked to people who were there… And yes, it is really as beautiful as on the pictures!
So next year, dear developers who were like me, in the office, following eZ Summer Camp on twitter and seeing all the positive feedbacks from the workshops,… All of us, let’s make this promise: this will never happen again! Next year, we will be at the eZ Summer Camp!

And in the meantime, I will try to motivate the troops of eZ Engineering for more tutorials, webinars, … on eZ Publish. But actually, what would you like to have?

Send us an email ( with whatever topic might interest you on eZ Publish and I’ll do my best.

See you around in the eZ Community!

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