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A Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Community

Monday 22 November 2010 11:39:09 am

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No, this is not an advertisement for one of Daft Punk's songs (don't know what i am talking about ? Check the survey then :) ). This is about involving us, all of us, in working jointly with 3 seasoned researchers: Robin, Paul and Bjørn-Tore (although they are from Around the World! :) )


Hello World

They got in touch with me willing to share their long-distance experience on studying communities, to give us nifty tips & tricks on how we could push our Community to the level of "killer Community". I said yes, that's what we all want !

The other flip side of the medalcoin, is that we will help them better understand the complexity of open-source communities. That is also a form of collaboration with other communities – a , great way to open our minds, learn, and improve ourselves.

Please welcome Robin, Paul and Bjørn-Tore :

Robin is fascinated by how new technologies enable people to come together to create new things while having fun doing so. She believes that we should challenge the current thinking by traditional business leaders on how work is done and how value is created in society. She very much looks forward to working with this community! More information on her is at and you can follow her on Twitter @RobinTeigland. She checked-in at the eZ Community, there :

Then there is Paul, who is a digital native growing up in this connected world of ours. Paul just can’t stop asking questions about how communities like ours come together to share new ideas and develop truly amazing projects! His research is largely based on how user-generated content is changing the way in which value is created. He is looking forward to getting to know as many of you as possible and is always open to learning more about what motivates you to be a part of our team. When not asking these questions, you’ll most likely find Paul doing the exact same thing he studies – playing online and sharing his experiences with his global network of friends. More information on him is at and you can follow him on Twitter @pmdigangi. He checked-in at the eZ Community, there:

Lastly, we have Bjørn-Tore is very much looking forward to finishing his Ph.D. in International Management. Bjørn-Tore loves to ask the big questions about how knowledge can be used strategically and is particularly fascinated by how Internet-enabled collaboration pushes the boundaries of the firm and creates new challenges for both business and users. He is passionate about new ways of connecting, learning and collaborating relying on new features such as social media and virtual worlds. Offline he loves mountain hiking, skiing and playing with his kids. More information on him is at and you can follow him on Twitter @bjorntfl. He checked-in at the eZ Community, there:


The start

The first step of our collaboration is a survey, below. It should take approximately 10 minutes of your time, helping our fellow researchers clearly understand how to orient their work towards relevancy, for both sides.This survey will accept submissions for one month until December. We will then post the results, openly, as always.

If you're in, you should start here :

Update : this survey is now closed, results will be published shortly.

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