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A Reworked Personal Account Management and a New Issue Tracker

Thursday 04 October 2012 8:04:07 pm

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What matters most in a community is its members. Giving members full control on the creation, nurturing and management of their identity is, consequently, key to build a thriving online community. Read on to learn about the novelties launching soon on October 9th, what this will mean for you as an individual, and why this shall boost the entire eZ Community.

 EDIT: the new launch date is now October 9th !


At a glance - launching October 9th

You should normally not notice much change on the personal account management side, except:

  • A faster login/logout,
  • A faster, easier, cleaner profile edition system and password management mechanism,

Sounds rather ok, right?

One little note: you now need to use your username and only it, to sign-in, and not your email (it will not work anymore). In case you have forgotten your username (but know your email), simply use the "Forgot password" functionality to retrieve it.

Now there is another brand new thing that is much more visible: a JIRA-based public issue tracker. Just like you could use your account to sign-in there before, this remains but the possibilities are tenfold, and the usage experience should generally be smoother, faster. All former issues were migrated to the new solution, and URLs are seamlessly redirected.


What this means for you

We highly encourage you to have a round of check on your account, to make sure no piece of data was lost during the migration. You can do so by logging-in, navigating to your profile, and clicking on the "Edit profile" button.

In case you find out that something was dropped during the migration, please contact us here.

Concerning the brand new issue tracker, which will be available at the usual URL ( ), give it a test-drive so you get acquainted with JIRA (in case you are not already). Use your account to sign-in, as usual.

The great advantage of this new issue tracker, that will replace the old one entirely, is that it will also allow us all to work together much more easily on the larger product features. From A to Z. From the idea (submitted in eZ Roadmap) to the final QA, testing and documentation, through functional specifications, technical specs, development.

Site-note: all previous issue URLs will keep functioning and redirect to the issue imported in the new issue tracker.


What's coming-up next ?

We will add more fields as we go, to better serve you and make your journey within the eZ Community more fun, addictive and rewarding. Examples are:

  • Github handle,
  • Twitter handle,
  • Google+ handle


How can I update my profile?

Just as before: when signed-in, click on your name in the top-right corner of the page to visit your profile, then on the "Edit profile" button.

Where have all the reported issues gone ?

They were all imported, and the previous links keep working. In case you find-out a missing one, please get in touch with us here.

I have forgotten my username

Too bad, since you can not use your email anymore as a 'login'. In case you have forgotten your username ( but know your email ), simply use the "Forgot password" functionality to retrieve it (hit the top-right corner "Lost your password?" link when signed-off).

Do I need to create a new account now?

No, your existing account keeps working: same user name, same password.
BUT: if you do not have an account on yet, you are highly encouraged to create one. It will make sure you are recognized as a member of the eZ Community, and help you connect with other members.

I have forgotten my password: SOS

Hit the "Lost your password?" link at the top of this page, and follow the guide.

I have a problem, where can I get help?

Please report any issue related to your account, logging-in, or account data to accounts-support @

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