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Administration interface refresh, take 2: tell us more of what you think!

Friday 11 December 2009 4:00:49 pm

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eZ Publish 4.3 will take a big step towards refreshing the administration interface. A first blog post was made here (comments by the bottom of the page) , have a look at it first!
The second round is presented below, having integrated the feedback from the first round.

Progress on admin refresh is going forward and some concepts have been implemented to make it easier to discuss them. Please note that this is before the actual styling, focusing on the UI logic and not on the final graphic design itself.
For those that want to try it out, svn checkout design/admin2 and change your admin design to use that. For the rest, here are some screen shoots and comments:

eZ Admin interface refresh preview for ez Publish 4.3

Screen shoot shows possibility to drag left menu width, hide right menu, re ordering of some form elements, support for policy checks on tabs/left menu items and changes to header to save scrolling. Bellow you'll also find a proposed new way to access the context sensitive menu, inspire from ui on dropbox and others currently nick named hover action menu.

eZ Admin interface refresh hover menu preview for ez Publish 4.3

How it works: When hovering over items in sub items (could also be content tree menu as well) a menu icon pop's up, if the user hover over that a menu expands with several items and deeper sub items. The menu should of course have icons as well, but this is just to show of the basic idea of making the context menu more intuitive for users.

eZ Publish 4.3 admin refresh edit interface in full screen mode with attribute grouping, class and class attribute description (help text)

Above is a preview of the edit interface, with full screen editing, extra tool bar on top that has fixed position in full screen view and description/help text on class and class attributes.

To continue tweeting about this, you may want to use the following hashtags: #ezpublish, #ezadmin.

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