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Administration interface refresh: Tell us what you think!

Wednesday 02 December 2009 12:26:24 pm

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eZ Publish 4.3 will take a big step towards refreshing the administration interface.
A requirement document and a html concept prototype were recently uploaded to our SVN repository, detailing the back-office-design-related features to be implemented in 4.3 and beyond.
This document already took into account the results of this survey :
The actual implementation of the proof of concept starting soon, it is about time to tell us what you think.

Here is the requirements document:

And here is the part containing some of the concepts (download file and open in a modern browser):

The attached screen shoots of the html concept prototype are to show how the admin design can be re arranged to gain more screen space for the main content area by slimming down the header, hiding right menu by default and group all the info boxes about the current node in a tabbed interface.

eZ Admin interface refresh concept protototype for ez Publish 4.3

At the same time it demonstrates moving all operations that are related to current node to the top to make the interface more efficient for editors.

eZ Admin interface refresh concept protototype for ez Publish 4.3 on a small screen

The last thing it shows is how the admin design can be crafted to better support small screen devices, by wrapping content in header and let users hide the left menu as well.

The html concept prototype does not cover all aspects of the requirement document, so it is important that it is properly reviewed.
It contains bits like removing the (icon click) context sensitives menu completely and replacing it with something more accessible, more intuitive and inline with the children listing (and maybe also the content structure tree when you hover over content).

To give us your feedback, please post comments under this post. Thanks :)

UPDATE: read the second episode here (including comments by the bottom of the page) : Administration interface refresh, take 2: tell us more of what you think!

Oh, and you may want to tweet about this, using the following hashtags: #ezpublish, #ezadmin.

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