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An Explosive Cocktail: Symfony and eZ Publish 5 Joining Forces

Monday 02 July 2012 12:05:19 pm

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Ever dreamt of an even more powerful eZ Publish?
Ever dreamt of an even more flexible eZ Publish?
Ever dreamt of an even easier to learn eZ Publish?’d better read on.



EDIT : The next episode of the story is available -  eZ Publish 5 from a technical point of view - part 1

Be ready to be blown away by eZ Publish 5. It will indeed be running on Symfony 2 full stack, including the HMVC front-controller and Twig as template engine.
Thanks to the prevailing open-source spirit, and the ongoing collaboration with the Symfony Community, eZ Publish will be even more powerful, more flexible and more accessible on many aspects.
eZ decided to focus on its core-skill which is best-of-breed content and customer experience management.  It was thus decided to move away from the home-brew controlling, templating, and commodity libraries layers. After benchmarking the available open-source PHP frameworks, the indisputable winner was the Symfony framework & community.
At a glance here are the highlights:

  • HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) stack,
  • New template engine,
  • Full backwards compatibility through embedding of eZ Publish 4
    • Fallback on eZ Publish 4
    • Re-use of “old” templates from the new ones (Twig)

Curious to discover the changes, and put hands-on?  


There you go, grab it now!

You can grab the developer preview in the ezpublish 5 github repository and do not miss out on following the step-by-step installation instructions. It should be up & running in no time, for you to test, tweak and feedback.
To share your feedback and embark on the adventure, you can :

  • Directly push your contributions through a pull-request,
  • Comment under this post,
  • Spread the news on Twitter and the likes, the holy hashtags being #symfony & #ezpublish

Keep an eye on our blog, you will soon get more information. We will come-up with more webinars, trainings, round-table in association with the Symfony Community.


 EDIT : Many questions led to this comment, that brings some more clarity about the decision.

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