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Apache Zeta Components moving to Github, welcome 'Zeta Components' !

Friday 25 May 2012 7:23:53 pm

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Back in 2010, eZ Systems had donated the eZ Components project to the Apache Foundation , as an Incubator project. This loosely-coupled, high-quality set of PHP libraries became the Apache Zeta Components. The journey continues today, read on to learn more.


Github !

The Apache Foundation's Incubator did not turn out to be the most suitable cradle for the Zeta Components, due to the very structure of the Apache Zeta Components (also known as AZC) community, and the lack of progress of the project. While the small, yet very high-profile community around the project was caring, the achieved momentum in the Apache Software Foundation got the project leaders to prompt for a paradigm-shift: should the project turn into a more open, less controlled, more spread community ?

The vote led to a clear "Yes", resulting in a move from the Incubator, towards Github. The Apache Zeta Components will be finding a new home on Github (the code migration is now complete - thanks Benjamin! ).

We wanted to let you all know, who are likely to be using the Zeta Components in your (eZ Publish) projects, that the code merely is changing location, that the project's speed will certainly increase, and more flexibly welcome contributions:

  • The Zeta Components organization is represented on Github :,
  • Each component is split into its own repository,
  • Packagist support was enabled : composer.json was added to every project (more on this here).

New channels of communication

A new mailing-list was set-up ( zeta @, thanks Derick for making it easy ), we highly encourage you to subscribe to it to keep a finger on the pulse. Here is how :
send an mail to "ecartis @" with subject "subscribe zeta", and nothing else. You should get an email back, with the next-steps instructions.

The website and documentation URLs are not changing :

We at eZ are very happy to see the "eZ | Apache Zeta | Zeta Components" take a fresh start!

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