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Become a Tags bundle backer before it’s too late!

Wednesday 09 November 2016 1:27:04 pm

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You might have missed this great crowdfunding opportunity, Netgen, through the voice of their very own Ivo Lukac (@ilukac), has launched a crowdfunding initiative to enable the development of the Tags bundle so that it supports eZ Platform UI. First of, I think it’s really great to see this kind of initiative in our ecosystem, and we should all share this news and act quickly! We’re almost out of time, so read on to see why you should click now to support eZ Tags.

Here is why I personally think you should contribute, and why eZ encourages this initiative:

It’s a feature that brings great value

The Tags bundle is a complete solution to manage advanced taxonomy for the eZ Platform content repository. The bundle, which can be used in a wide range of ways,  helps apply a very semantic classification and organization of content, in parallel with the standard tree-based organization of the repository—a sort of “keyword” Field Type on steroids. The Tags bundle can be used for many use cases such as navigation, recommendations, content relations, search and discovery, and because eZ Platform architecture is decoupled CMS, it can be used in both a traditional or headless way. Taxonomy can be open or closed, and administrators have a great way to control their use.

Content strategists and information architects will love it!

A typical use case that I especially like is for magazine and news publishers to build the navigation of their content-rich sites based on tags instead of the tree. The Tags bundle plays very well when there is a lot of content. It is definitely an essential piece for modern content management.

It is battle tested

In case you missed it, this is not a brand new solution. It’s the direct successor of the eZ Tag solution that was available for eZ Publish and eZ Publish Platform. eZ Tags was developed initially by eZ and Netgen, and then Netgen took over to improve it over the years. eZ Tags has been massively adopted by the eZ community and has provided substantial value to many organizations, especially  when a business’s information architecture gets complicated. The solution has already been partly ported to our new stack, the eZ Platform back-end based on the Symfony full-stack framework, but at this point, it lacks the user interface in eZ Platform to be usable in a pure eZ Platform case.

This campaign is approved and supported by eZ

In case you wonder about our position at eZ when it comes to this initiative, be reassured, this is in no way going against the future plans for eZ Platform. This functionality ranks quite high in our backlog of new features open for implementation. Our plan was exactly what Ivo and Edi suggest here, and I’d like to add to it that we’d like to move the feature into the core of eZ Platform. We don’t want to make the same mistake as before and consider this capability a side feature. I hope everybody will like this!

You might wonder after what I just said: why is eZ not doing this right now, and why didn’t eZ do it before? Well, building eZ Platform is a HUGE endeavor, and we still have some higher priorities to tackle before dedicating some of our Engineering resources to this feature. This is the difficult side of Product Management and prioritization; there are always tough choices to be made... I guess any body developing a product knows what I’m talking about. :-)

For that very reason, eZ could not do the work or fund this feature massively; it would contradict our roadmap! Of course we will still contributed financially to this campaign, as we want to encourage the effort.

What next?

If you are interested in the project, please contribute right now. This will allow the whole ecosystem to benefit from this functionality much faster. Netgen has some nice perks, and we’d like to add to it by offering a cool bundle of eZ swag for each backer!

There’s more to learn about the project in Netgen’s original blog post, but honestly you should just go to IndieGogo Website and back it up. You only have until Thursday!

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