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Call for Kilimanjaro (5.0), 2012.10 and extension translation: sprint until Oct. 17th

Wednesday 26 September 2012 1:59:31 pm

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It is this time of the year again (semester, actually). eZ Publish 5.0 has entered feature freeze, and translations can begin ! The last two campaigns were a huge success, and I really believe this one isn't going to be different.

EDIT: Read the update after one week of campaign.

Not that much has changed as compared to the previous versions, since 5.0 doesn't focus that much on frontend, but on a huge API / architecture rewrite, but there is still some work to be done. As always, existing languages need to be updated, and new ones can of course be added !

How-to participate ?

All instructions are given on the landing page of the eZ Publish translation project :

Note that if you are having trouble using git/github to submit your translation work, you can, as a last-resort, reach-out to Nicolas (nfrp A't let your work be wasted.

What to translate ?

Let's start with the difference as compared to previous campaigns: the updated strings for the eZ Publish translations aren't available yet. The reason is simple: a cleanup of deprecated elements is being performed as I type on the admin/admin2 designs, and this will clearly affect strings. As soon as this is done (we are talking days here), you will be notified. In the meanwhile, the extensions are available for translation, as listed below.

One important note: ezjscore, ezoe and ezformtoken have been merged into the ezsystems/ezpublish github repository. The translation process doesn't change, except that the pull request must now be done directly to this repository instead of a specific one:

Software package

Github URL

eZ Flow
eZ Find
eZ Webin
eZ Autosave
eZ Oracle
eZ MB Password Expiry
eZ Gmaps Location
eZ Survey
eZ XML Export
eZ Team Room
eZ Style Editor
eZ Script Monitor
eZ Starrating
eZ Tags
eZ IE (Image Editor)
eZ JS Core
eZ XML Installer
eZ Website Toolbar
eZ Form Token
eZ Comments
eZ Multiupload

Current status

We will shortly keep you posted with statistics about the current process of those translations, but do not hesitate to have a look at your language !

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