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Community track at eZ Day Paris, Oct 14th : the wrap-up

Monday 17 October 2011 10:20:19 pm

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First day at the office after a wonderful eZ Community afternoon at the eZ Day in Paris last friday, i thought i'd share with all of you. Read on for impressions and slides !


The agenda had filled-up in little time after the initial announce, first sign of the important attention this event was to receive. This proved right on-site, where there were only a few free seats left, and lots of questions arising during the talks. Excellent interaction, intense on and off stage exchanges, and a very cool t-shirt for the participants (thanks to our sponsor Kaliop).

eZ Publish Community Tour t-shirt


I opened the ball with a look-back on the past months of open-source within the eZ Community, the increasing participation from all of you, which i believe, is only the very beginning of a phenomenal roar. Bertrand & Jérôme, from eZ, then presented us with the brand new, shiny PHP API, in synchronization with Ole Marius & Andre in Oslo. This talk/announce was extremely well received, lit a new fire that i feel, will last : an easy-to-use, modern, innovative PHP API. In other words: learning eZ Publish will become easier and quicker for developers. I love this idea, underpinned by my opening talk : let's get more people aboard our Community !

Philipp & Peter from Mugo Web then presented a solution they built to make the edition experience unparalleled, from writing to collaborating on content reviews. This kind of talk gets one to understand what "Solving the business needs" stands for. In the same vein, Gilles, from Kaliop, continued by presenting the bad & good practices in eZ Publish development, off of his long experience of development and development teams management on eZ Publish. Downright real-life feedback, in a very interactive form where the frequent questions (like the timeless "How do you handle ajax ? Custom module ? eZ JS Core ? ") got about everyone in the audience to raise his hand at least once.

Still in the real-life field, Nicolas Steinmetz shared his vast experience in integrating eZ Publish in JCDecaux's web infrastructure, serving impressive loads, worldwide. Mathieu, from af83 closed the ball bringing a non-eZ Publish touch to the painting : a detailed study on alternatives to Apache as web-server when performance is a keyword, and PHP-FPM at the heart of things.

Keep an eye on the soon-to-come /events section on this portal, other eZ Community meetups will come ... maybe closer to you !
Cheers rockers,

PS : Find all slides on the initial announce page.

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