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Community track at the eZ Day, Paris, October 14th : register now, for free !

Wednesday 21 September 2011 12:00:51 pm

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Next October 14th, in Paris : Community track at the eZ Day. Technology & eZ Community insight (in French), you should register now, seats are limited !


[agenda & slides]

We would like to thank our sponsor Kaliop for helping promoting the eZ Community :

Kaliop, Community Platinum sponsor at eZ Day, October 14th, Paris


Pure Community, pure Technology

The morning will be shared with the people rather interested in Business, and the afternoon split in two tracks : Community/Technology and Business/Enterprise. While you can find the details of the morning and Business tracks + practical details on, the indicative schedule of our Community afternoon is presented below.

Register now !

Seats are pretty limited for our track : register here, ticking the "Track Community / Technologie" checkbox. This event is FREE.



Nicolas Pastorino


 13:30 - 14:00  [Slides]

 "La clameur Open-source dans l'eZ Ecosystem" / "The Open-source roar within the eZ Ecosystem"
 By Nicolas Pastorino, Director Community at eZ Systems

  The eZ Publish Community has manifestly solidified since the opening to contributions on eZ Publish's kernel. This new, growing open-innovation activity, along with the intense creation of extensions, re-enforced the open-source character of the eZ Community. This talk will give you a snapshot of what our Community is achieving communally today, and will expose the ways to get involved, today and in the future, in this large Open-source project.

Bertrand Dunogier

Jérôme Vieilledent


 14:00 - 14:45  [Slides]

 "eZ Publish Nextgen, la révolution des couches" / "Knock knock, who's there ? The future"
 By Bertrand Dunogier, Lead Engineer of extensions at eZ Systems & Jérôme Vieilledent, Software Engineer at eZ Systems 

  Any piece of software can only be as good as its foundations. To rise as high as we need it to, we decided eZ Publish needed new ones. Today, we will tell you how these are architectured, and give you a glimpse of their possibilities.

Philipp Kamps


 14:45 - 15:00  [Slides]

 "Approval Workflow Extension" [english talk]
 By Philipp Kamps, Lead Developer at Mugo Web

 The Mugo Approval extension is a complete solution for editorial workflows within eZ Publish. It can be customized to suit a wide variety of approval workflows, enabling different approval steps per user group, type of content, and site section. It also provides visibility throughout the entire workflow, for new content as well as edits to existing content, with content states, comments, and a dashboard.


 15:00 - 15:30


Gilles Guirand

 15:30 - 16:15  [Slides]

 "Tour d'horizon des mauvaises & surtout bonnes pratiques eZ Publish" / "Overview of wrong, and above all good eZ Publish practices"
 By Gilles Guirand, Technology Director at Kaliop

 2011 is a major turning point for eZ Publish's Ecosystem. Many live platforms end their life-cycle, and the temptation to consider alternatives exists. Particularly when wrong practices and criticism have accumulated in the past years : hard to install ? Hard to grasp ? Steep learning-curve ? Limited Community ? Dramatic response times ?
Paradoxically, eZ Publish has never been as strong as today on these subjects ! This talk will try to show you how to do it, what the wrong practices, and above all good practices are, and how to evaluate the quality of a project.

Nicolas Steinmetz in the eZ Community

 16:15 - 16:45

  "Retour d'expérience sur l'industrialisation des déploiements des sites Web Vélos en Libre Service (VLS) / Feedback on the deployment automation of the web platform for the Self service bike system."
 By Nicolas Steinmetz, Web Team Leader at JCDecaux

 Paris, Brisbane, Toyama, Marseille ou encore Dublin, those towns, with 18 others, have a Self Service Bike System. Feedback on 5 years of deployment of a shared applicative framework and a shared web infrastructure.

Mathieu Lecarme

 16:45 - 17:15  [Slides]

 "Au delà d'Apache / Beyond Apache"
 By Mathieu Lecarme, R&D developer at AF83.

 PHP is no more Apache. PHP can now be used in a modern context, with better performance, less admin stress, scaling up and down. Thanks PHP-FPM.



 from 17:15 on - Barcamp, outside the premises.

 You can start proposing topics in the comments below.



Propose a talk or flash-talk

Wanna share an experience around eZ Publish ? Poll the audience on a thorny subject ? Grab a slot and do a talk !
If you feel more comfortable with 5 to 10 minutes only, do a flash-talk. Easy right ?

Send an email with your talk's title and very short abstract to community @




(in order of appearance)

Nicolas Pastorino

Nicolas is  taking care of the eZ Publish Community (40 700+ members), intensifying and structuring it. PHP enthusiast, strong believer in open-source, eZ Publish and eZ Find committer, occasional participant to the Zeta Component project, he also put his hands on Solr quite a bit. In his free time, he can be met in the Alps, rock & ice climbing or ski-touring.

Bertrand Dunogier

Bertrand Dunogier has been working for eZ systems since 2006, first as a senior consultant, and starting from 2009 as a software engineer, working towards improving eZ Publish, its extensions and services.

Jérôme Vieilledent

Jérôme Vieilledent is a completely self-educated web developer. He learnt PHP all by himself and started developing on eZ Publish in 2007. He's a long-distance community member and now works as a Software Engineer at eZ Systems.

Philipp Kamps

Philipp Kamps has worked on some of North America's most high traffic eZ Publish sites, such as the Christian Science Monitor, Car and Driver, and Rasmussen Reports.  He has been an active member of the eZ Community for over 5 years, and likes to build efficient solutions for end users, editors, and servers.

Gilles Guirand

Gilles Guirand ( CTO at Kaliop, eZ Platinum Partner ), brings 12 years of experience in the Web, amongst them 5 dedicated to deploying large national projects on eZ Publish. Frequent speaker, active contributor to the eZ Community (awarded in 2011), and member of the eZ Publish Community Project Board

Nicolas Steinmetz

Nicolas Steinmetz, Web Team Leader at JCDecaux. Fomerly Technical and/or Functional Project Manager, I joined JCDecaux in 2008 to work on the industralisation of web platforms. Progressing as Web Architect and Web project manager, I'm in charge of the Web Team since July 2011. Open source enthousiast since 2003, with as a side effect a strong belief in collaboration.

Mathieu Lecarme

Mathieu Lecarme is Web developer since the first bubble. Language agnostic proselyte. He can, amongst other,  be found on :


Twitter Hashtag : #ezdayparis

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