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Community versions of eZ Publish no longer receiving eZ Support patches

Thursday 03 December 2015 5:23:09 pm

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As we get ready to release the next generation of eZ software, our eZ Support team is moving its focus to eZ Platform and eZ Studio. While they’ll continue to support existing customers on eZ Publish Enterprise, they’ll stop working on the community versions of eZ Publish (5.x and earlier). Read on for how this affects further development of legacy code.


As we first communicated in 2012, eZ Publish 5.x, our 5th generation CMS, combined our 4th generation (Legacy) with our 6th generation kernel (eZ Platform kernel), ensuring a smooth transition. Our standalone 6th generation CMS, eZ Platform, leaves Legacy behind. This decision enables all of us in the eZ ecosystem to move beyond the limitations of Legacy. In the first iteration of eZ Platform, we see larger changes to RichText (XmlText) and Landing Page (eZ Flow) field types, and in subsequent releases next year we hope to further improve the database model now that we can actually do so without breaking all extensions.

This means there will not be any additional major/minor releases planned for legacy code from eZ Systems (besides maintenance release to support 5.x and 4.x versions), as we are shifting our innovation efforts towards eZ Platform. As a result,active involvement from eZ in development of previous versions of our CMS will now be reduced.

Stopping eZ Support patching of Community Legacy versions

eZ’s Support organization has stopped applying Customer support patches to the development version (master) of several Legacy-related repositories, as there is no value for them given there will be no future releases of Legacy from eZ. This implies, but is not limited to:

  • ezpublish-legacy : 4th generation eZ CMS, including ezoe, ezjscore & ezformtoken extensions
  • ezfind : eZ Find Solr search engine extension for eZ Publish legacy
  • LegacyBridge : Called LegacyBundle in 5.x, was created to temporarily be able to run legacy and platform side by side, with growing deviations between Platform and Legacy this is not a feasible project anymore.

So if you today are on eZ Publish Community 2014.11 or older releases, eZ recommends that you plan to start the migration to eZ Platform in 2016, or if you would like some more time if you still have lots of legacy code, consider migrate to eZ Publish 5.4 Enterprise version, which will allow you to more smoothly migrate to eZ Platform later. This being the last release containing legacy, eZ Publish 5.4 will be updated by eZ Support all the way until November 2021. And on the Platform stack included in 5.4 we continuously keep it aligned on some of the features to ease use and future migration to Platform. Among the many features we have backported it was updated to Symfony 2.7 LTS earlier this summer, and in the last maintenance release, 5.4.5, we added support for powering all searches/queries using Solr.

But to sum this up: until now, eZ Customer Support bug fixes have accounted for around 80% of bug fixes on Legacy stack. These are now only available via an eZ Enterprise subscription. However for the remaining 20% is still open and explained below.

Community contributions are still open, and help is needed!

eZ Engineering will continue, as always, to take our role as maintainer seriously, meaning we will continue to be committed to try to handle incoming community contributions, open on Github, or closed using security channels, also for Legacy. However, with increasing focus on eZ Platform, we need all the help we can get on handling community contributions towards both eZ Platform and Legacy. Today there are a handful of people actively helping us to review incoming contributions on a weekly/monthly basis, which is great! But if there is an interest for it, we would like to formalize this a bit more. This could, for instance, mean opening up for some more weight in on Pull Requests reviewing for active community reviewers, and recognition for taking on such role.

If you would be interested in that, or would like to participate in the community in other ways, please don’t hesitate to contact the eZ Community Board.

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