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Christof Zahneissen

Developer preview of the new eZ Publish public PHP API : you step-in

Friday 14 October 2011 4:45:19 pm

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Today eZ unveiled the new public API concept at the eZ Day in Paris, for further development with our Community. It is a major step towards a layered architecture that allows easy functional extensions of eZ Publish.

Forward compatibility is one of the big advantages of the new public API, because kernel / datamodel changes can now be made without inflicting on existing extensions. Part of the new APIs is a persistence API which enables a much more flexible data storage approach and will be a foundation for increased performance and scalability. Applications based on the public API are also fully backwards compatible by using the included storage engine based on the current kernel and database model.

The public API is furthermore the foundation for an extended REST API, allowing easy content exchange with 3rd party systems and the extension of eZ Publish with non-PHP technologies.

The new API concept is the key for future architectural enhancements.  The APIs shall be discussed and matured in the community – they are compatible from community build 2011.9 and the developer preview of the upcoming eZ Publish 4.6 Enterprise (available by Oct 25th). As it´s almost impossible to anticipate thousands of API use cases, the APIs shall be challenged and tested in the eZ ecosystem and be a part of the supported release 4.7 (Etna) in May 2012.

Engagement for the new APIs is easy, as there are already lots of activities started – please feel invited to jump on the API train:

We are looking forward to continuing this amazing project with you eZ Community. Step-in now !

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