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eZ at the WWW2012 worldwide conference in Lyon, France, on April 17th & 18th

Thursday 05 April 2012 3:47:54 pm

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eZ will be present at the world-class WWW2012 conference in Lyon, on April 17th and 18th, at the city's Exhibition Center ("Palais des congrès - Cité Internationale").

Bertrand Dunogier and Emilie Dantzikian will be on-site, along with other innovative companies located in Lyon, kindly hosted on OnlyLyon's booth. They will make the eZ Publish Community flag flutter along the bleeding-edge scientific topics, presented by top-notch, lighthouse speakers. Tim Berners-Lee will be part of the speakers panel, to name only one.

Bertrand will be speaking on the 17th, for 30 minutes on the subject of asynchronous operations in large-scale web applications. The title of his talk is "All your asynchronicity are belong to us", and here is a sneak-preview : 

Asynchronous operations are now commonly used at client level, but not that much on server side, especially in PHP. Although non-trivial by default, this architecture opens up a world of possibilities and grants you with a level of application control and scalability that can’t be achieved with synchronous operations. We will present the strengths, weaknesses and risks of this approach through our implementation experience on complex and scalable PHP applications.

Will you be around ? If so, i'd recommend to ping Bertrand on Twitter or Google+, so you guys can get to chat !

More on our business presence in English, or French.

eZ Systems at the WWW2012 conference in Lyon

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