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eZ Community UnConference #1: A Look Back On A Great Event !

Wednesday 05 December 2012 11:22:31 am

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We took some time to recover of the UnConference.  We wrote a short closing blog but now, we’re having a last look back, sharing the presentations with you. Read on.

EDIT : you can also find some video of talks and UnConf Session on our Youtube Channel here.

Well, yes the first edition is now already far away. The first results of our Post UnConference survey are reminding us how good it was to gather members of the Community.  With the first results of the survey, quite positive on the new format, we have great hope that you will be more and more members to participate to the next UnConference.

But for now, a last look back on the first eZ Community UnConference! 

 Day 1:

After an introduction made by Gabriele Viebach, our CEO and Nicolas Pastorino, The man behind the eZ community, the action started.


Bård Farstad, co-founder of eZ Systems, has driven us through his vision of Innovation and User Experience showing the bid improvements made in this field with eZ Publish 5.

After that, we had the chance to follow Fabien Potencier, Founder of Sensiolabs, through the history of Symfony, the framework used within eZ Publish 5.

Roger Gosine, from Deutsche Telekom presented the new offer Deutsche Telekom and eZ systems will be offering.  You can discover it on the Deutsche Telekom website.

Still on the Cloud, Ixonos introduced us to their vision of a Paas Solution resulting in the presentation of Michael Friedman on the eZ Cloud.

This first day ended with 2 UnConference style sessions of one hour each where the themes were proposed by attendees.


 Day 2 :

For the Second day, Igor Vrdoljak, co-founder of Netgen, explained us how building mobile applications was fast & easy with eZ App factory. He was followed by Stig Martin Fiskå, with an introduction of what could be a CXM Mobile. And before the break, Gilles Guirand, from Kaliop, presented “eZ Publish top-performance through mastery (and extension) of the cache layers”.

After a well-deserved break, the attendees had the chance to see some of the stars behind eZ Publish 5: André Rømcke, Bertrand Dunogier, Damien Pobel, Jérôme Vieilledent, Patrick Allaert. The eZ Engineering team unveiled details about the now famous ( and counting ;-) ) eZ Publish 5.

The talk session of the second day ended with Joe Kepley who highlighted the example of the Christian Science Publishing Society as an example of how to bring more than 120 yearsof archived content live on the web.

After that, the last unconference sessions and the wrap-up ended the day in a great networking atmosphere. As a well-deserved break, we had the occasion to enjoy Kal David concert in a nearby bar and have a beer relaxing with the American blues notes.

So, thank you all for this great participation and mood.  We enjoyed the UnConference sessions, having the opportunity to share thoughts and advice on different topics!



Talk title


Michael Friedmann & Ixonos Cloud-based Services


eZ UnConference Session eZ Publish 5 : Customization possibilities


eZ UnConference Session eZ Publish 5 template syntax (Twig)


eZ UnConference Session Handling transition between 4.x and 5.x.


eZ UnConference Session How is the 5.x data model going to compare 
to 4.x (+NoSQL?),


eZ UnConference Session Administration interface


Igor Vrdoljak Building mobile applications fast and easy with eZ App Factory


Stif Martin Fiskå CXM Mobile


Gilles Guirand eZ Publish top-performance through mastery (and extension) of the cache layers


eZ Engineering Team eZ Publish 5 in-depth inspection: insights from eZ Engineers


Joe Kepley Published in 1885 and Shared on Facebook


eZ UnConference Session Code organisation / design - Vendors, bundles, services/DI
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