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eZ Community UnConference #1: First Of A Successful Series?

Monday 29 October 2012 2:30:48 pm

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The UnConference is now finished and we need to evaluate the results of the event. Was it the first of a successful series?  Read on.

The UnConference is now closed and we need to take stock of this first edition. We have received very positive messages about the event and it’s now time to thank you all and all the people who made it possible.

EDIT :  Check out the photos on Google +.

EDIT 2 : Summary and slides, please go there!


Thank you to the sponsors

We have been supported by great companies that saw in this event the possibility to have a first contact with our team and partners.
Thank you to Equinix, SensioLabs, Making Waves, Xrow, Ixonos and Keyteq.
We realised how important to be supported by partners or companies in which we believe.  



Thank you to the attendees

This first UnConference has been successfully realized thanks to the motivation and passion of the participants. The enthusiasm in the discussions and during the talks show the interest the Community into eZ Publish. With the soon to be released eZ Publish 5, we’re climbing to the top, thanks to the Community commitment. We have noticed a deep interest in eZ Publish 5 but also in Symfony that will be the framework used in the new plateform.


Successful New Format

After the conference we received some messages from participants telling us that this new format was really fitting well to the idea and ethos of Community. We hope that you enjoyed it, too. We took the decision of using this format because we thought it was adapted to a public composed mainly by members of the Community. This format helps to have a quick answer and an open dialogue with other participants and eZ Publish engineering team.  This was a great moment, and we would like to also thank the team to have taken the initiative and time to led UnConference style workshops.


The speakers

Apart from the well-known names in the eZ Community we also had the chance to have a presentation of Ixonos, our hosting partner on the eZ Publish Cloud Edition. Fabien Potencier telling us the story of Symfony 2, the framework used in eZ Publish 5 and Roger Gosine of Deutsche Telekom, our partner for the launch of eZ Publish International.
You will soon find the slides from UnConference presentations!
Catch phrases of the day:

  • “Your eZ Publish is now controlled by AlCapon”
  • The developer optimism: I just solved and wrote it. In my head”
  • “Just because it’s a website and it goes wooop, it must be really cheap” NO! :)
  • Fabien Potencier : “Drink less beer, read more books, read more code”
  • It’s nice to see that most eZ Uncon attendees got the concepts of eZ Publish 5 at (almost) first sight
  • Bruce Morisson : With the developer hat on, the promise of eZ Cloud is fantastic as I no longer need to care about the infrastructure.
  • Fabien Potencier : One reason why PHP is better ...because we’re doing business with it.
  • Young Sun Tan : eZ Publish is transforming from a service provider into a platform provider
  • Gabriele Viebach: “We’re an ecosystem by design”

Now, let’s hope the next one will rock even more!
In one of the next UnConference blogs, you’ll have the possibility to take part to a survey about the event and give your advice to make the next edition even better!
Stay tuned!

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