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eZ Community UnConference #2: How To Convince Your Boss (Or Yourself)

Wednesday 17 April 2013 3:32:58 pm

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As promised, we are back (we've posted on that could you miss that?) with more tips to convince your boss. Yes, this UnConference is your first step to eZ Publish 5. Read on.


I hear the arguments of your boss: it’s money, it’s time, and going to sunny south of France sounds more like a funny holiday than hard-working time. Well, I also have arguments for you to convince him that it’s worth money and time. And about sun and fun, tell him that an happy employee is a greater employee!

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Argument #1: Mingling with eZ Experts

It’s an event organized for the Community. What does this mean? It means that you will have the possibility to meet eZ Engineers during those 3 days. Those people who crafted eZ Publish and design the product that you love will be there in person. More than that, they will be available for you. This time, with the eZ Publish 5 series taking-off, we thought you would need special attention. With that in mind, we decided to organize an eZ Experts lounge: a place where you can sit and talk face-to-face with an eZ Expert. Who are those Experts? First, there will be eZ Engineering and Product Management  teams but also people who works at partners and have a very practical knowledge of eZ Publish 5.

 What is the role of an eZ Expert?

They will be available during the UnConference to help you. You have a problem with your website and can’t find a solution? They’ll be there for you. You have a bug in your code but don’t know how to solve it? They’ll be there for you. So, come visit us and take your problems with you, they probably have the solution!

And if you think you also have the right stuff to be an eZ Expert and wanna be part of the game, you can apply by dropping us a quick email (4-5 lines) at community [a] explaining why you should be there, what are your strengths, past activity with eZ Publish and in the eZ Community, .... Seats are very limited.


Argument #2: You’re Going to Bring Back Practical Knowledge

I guess most of you are still busy working with eZ Publish 4.x. And there is a part of you that keeps working with eZ Publish 4 because it’s safer than the unknown territories of eZ Publish 5.

I understand totally, but is there nothing more exciting than discovering new things, waking up in the morning knowing that after that day, you will be another person?

We’ll massage for you the load of stress, uncertainty and anxiety this transition to eZ Publish 5 can cause. Two whole days of workshops on topics as varied as Symfony2, eZ Publish 5, the new APIs, the backward compatibility will help you to gain confidence. I can assure you that, after those 2 days, you will be a different person.


Argument #3: Gain Popularity (yes, you will)  

You are already doing some little things on eZ Publish 5 and want to parade around? You are still in eZ Publish 4 but have done a very interesting project? You just want to talk about your love story with eZ Publish? Well, whatever the topic is, there will be a

flash-talks session during the UnConference, and you can apply to be in. The call for flash-talks (10 min of talk + 5 min for questions / answers) will be soon announced so start thinking  about it.

Now, it’s time to talk to your boss and convince him that you can not miss the eZ UnConference #2.  See you all there!

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