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eZ Community UnConference #2: Special Prices For Special People (like you. Yes, you)

Friday 05 April 2013 1:55:18 pm

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I know that everyone loves discounts or special prices.  That’s why we have decided to offer a discount on the UnConference ticket.  You want to know how?  Read on.


In all due humility, we assume that you have been turned on by this whole idea of eZ UnConference#2: top-notch location (sunny weather guaranteed), eZ Engineering team sharing loads of knowledge, concrete and useful workshops, compelling UnConference sessions, eZ Community Team on-site taking care of you... I can only understand that you’re dying to come over.


Your boss is still reluctant to unleash that budget? Well, as usual, the eZ Community Team is here to help you to convince your boss. Here we go.


What do you have to do to get 20% off?

Well, even though you probably know your boss better than we do, we have some proposal that might be difficult to turn down.

How about 20% off your UnConference ticket price? Let us explain you how you can be a superhero in your boss’ eyes, and unlock these 20% off.
The principle: you place our UnConference logo with a link to our UnConference website for one week and you will receive a discount voucher of 20%.  Let’s be clear: 100% of players will be winners :)


How does it work?

First, you insert our UnConference logo (the one just above) on your website/blog/anything you own on the web, with a link to the UnConference Website and ping us on a social media channel to let us know (Twitter, Google +, Pinterest – drop us a note after pinning on your boards).

After 1 week, ping us again and if the logo still is there, you will receive a discount voucher to be able to enjoy your 20% off immediately.


Great news

This will work on early-bird rates as well as on standard birds, so be quick in order to still enjoy the early-bird price!

It’s simple and easy to do and it will probably convince your boss to let you go.

If not, keep an eye on, I might post some advice to help you to convince him in a later post.

Stay tuned!

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