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eZ Conference 2012: 7 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Want You To Go To The eZ Conference

Wednesday 29 August 2012 11:29:31 am

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You have been trying to convince your boss that you have to be at the eZ Conference in Cologne, but it hasn’t worked (yet)? Here are some tips that might help him to make the right choice. Read on.

(You need to be careful about your expenses during the Conference? Read here)


Register now for the eZ Conference 2012 in Cologne, October 17th - 19th


1. It makes you happy and if you feel happy, you will work better. According to this article of the New York Times, happy employees commit more.Your boss should be aware that happy employees are better employees. Point #1.


2. You will meet the eZ Engineering team and eZ Crew in real-life (not to mention your beloved Community Management team) and will be able to discuss face to face about eZ Publish. The people whose technical blogs are awakening your interest and admiration (too much? ok, but we really want you there!)... you will finally be able to meet them in-person, and put faces to Twitter handles.


3. In the eZ zone, you will discover in exclusivity the new enhancements made around eZ Publish, eZ Publish 5 and eZ Market. (ok, you certainly have heard of this a bit before, but all at the same time, same place, with the eZ Crew available to exchange about it live, now THAT never happened).


4. You will have the opportunity to mingle with other members of The Community, this amazing large group of people who help to develop and improve eZ Publish, along with the eZ Engineers, on a daily basis. You will be able to discuss all the questions, ideas, feature requests, dreams, that you had and never dared asking on the Why would you? Because of the disinhibitors commonly found at the eZ Conference.


5. You will be talking about work and it will still be fun: During those 2 days, you will have no other solution than talking about work... but, hey, talking about work with other people that have the same passion and interest in a relaxed atmosphere, isn’t it a good idea? (and also : see point nr 1).


6. You will discover the eZ Publish 5 release in-depth and have the possibility to take the certification during the Conference.


7. There are slots available for flash-talks (1 topic - 5 minutes to talk about it - eZ Publish extension, solution, or something not necessarily deeply related to eZ Publish). It’s a good chance for you to put yourself and your company under in the limelight and trigger exchanges.


So, is your boss now convinced? So very convinced that he wants to come too? Well, here is also a special Company package (3 persons attending from the same company get a 15% off) and still for a short time, the early birds rates are still available. So be quick, secure your seat, and book now!


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