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eZ Publish 5 Platform, A New Era For, And By Our Community

Thursday 22 November 2012 6:05:04 pm

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Nearing the release of the new eZ Publish 5 Platform, I have taken a look back over the last 12-18 months, spent relentlessly on building the new era of eZ Publish's history: eZ Publish 5, a platform whose mission is "Empowering Enterprises with the Freedom To Create Sustainable Digital Business"


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9 Years Back Was The Latest Total Rewrite

Called eZ Publish 3, and released around beginning of 2003. It created a major shift from the eZ Publish 2 series, which in itself brought lots of features at the time, but did not bear the "Framework" dimension. eZ Publish 3 was a killer PHP application that managed to get the most out of PHP4 via a very smart and extensible architecture at both data storage level and application level.

Learning eZ Publish 3

The rapidly evolving publishing and online digital business markets made it more and more obvious, in the past months, the need to tackle a new major architectural shift: the 3.x / 4.x series could not be the foundation for the next generation of online apps, and the important structural evolutions since the 3.0 version, through to version 4.7, would not carry sufficient ingredients for a future-proof, large-scale digital services platform. Thus, a major undertaking was scoped and planned: eZ Publish 5, with new architecture and new possibilities.


The Last 12-18 Months - Full Steam Engineering, in Public Mode

eZ's endeavor was also the Community's, naturally this led to pick the "Public Mode" as the right and only way to make this happen. eZ's engineers kept us up-to-date through regular communication on how the major pieces of eZ Publish 5 were evolving, then falling into place to form the final product. It all started with the new PHP API, today extensively documented, then picking the underlying Controlling framework, and then putting it all together through the first alpha, beta RC builds, as well as Community Project build 2012.9 (the Release Notes of which are nicely furnished with practical details and knowledge about eZ Publish 5).

The vast amount of constructive feedback received from our fellow Community members sped it all up, also increasing the quality of what is today called eZ Publish 5. The constantly growing amount of pull-requests submitted by fellow Community members give another evidence of this "new game" that started only 3 years back, at a time where contributing to eZ Publish was not an easy matter. This is a major achievement for our Ecosystem, a mandate to continue sharing ideas and implementing & testing them together.

The second aspect to this crazy adventure is spanning the boundaries of the eZ Publish Community to one of our neighbor communities: Symfony. The cross-community (aka "cross-pollination" for those nature metaphor aficionados out there) activities ranged from engaging in respective events (Symfony Live San Francisco, eZ UnCon#1, Symfony Live Berlin), to contributing to our respective pieces of software, namely Symfony 2 Framework, Symfony CMF and eZ Publish. And this is just the beginning.

As eZ Publish's development model is opening, steadily, contributing to eZ Publish has never been as easy as today. Visit Develop to learn more and be part of the contributors team.


Today's Result and The Bright Future - What's In It For You

What's in it for you, key questions, answered on the next page. Click on the grey button just below to continue reading this post.

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