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eZ Publish 5 Platform, A New Era For, And By Our Community

Thursday 22 November 2012 6:05:04 pm

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Today's Result and The Bright Future - What's In It For You

Note: a series of release webinars will allow you to learn all about eZ Publish 5. Book your agenda for one of the following dates:


A new Architecture

The functional architecture of the eZ Publish 5 Platform is shown below. It mixes product components and service-based components, building-blocks of a functionally-scalable, performance-scalable, feature-rich digital services platform (click to enlarge).

eZ Publish 5 Platform Functional Architecture


From a technical architecture perspective, the layered approach (separation of concerns) and the dual-kernel constraint have been at the heart of the conception and implementation. The former brings absolute scalability to eZ Publish, and increases its already important extensibility, while the latter allows total backwards compatibility at the data level, and code level (your extensions, typically) between the 4.x series and the 5.x series, enabling a smooth upgrade path (click to enlarge).

eZ Publish 5 Platform Technical Architecture


New Public PHP API - Your New Weapon To Build Crazy Stuff

Long expected, it has come to life, and is SOLID. Continue reading about the new Public PHP API on the next page (click on the grey button just below).

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