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eZ Publish 5 Platform, A New Era For, And By Our Community

Thursday 22 November 2012 6:05:04 pm

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New Public PHP API - Your New Weapon To Build Crazy Stuff

You might have struggled when using eZ Publish 4.x's PHP API, building your custom PHP-level extensions. Honestly, so did I sometimes. Where was the line? Which level of depth was the right one? Why did it take so much time to master it all? And where was the doc, by the way?

eZ Publish 5 Platform Public PHP API

This struggle is now over. O-VER.

Clear and consistent interface, backwards compatible, still extensible (as you used to do with datatypes - now called FieldTypes by the way), way easier to use...and way easier & quicker to learn! 


New ReST API - eZ Publish 5 is an extensible Web Service

No need to wax lyrical about the constant need to develop "content as a service" type of apps, where the content is liberated through various channels (mobile, third-party) on top of being pushed to the standard desktop experience. You learned how to use the Public PHP API mentioned just above, and you know what? At the same time, you actually also learned the ReST API! In effect, they are semantically identical, the only difference being the underlying medium: PHP for one, HTTP for the other. 

Learn more about this part in Bertrand's article on the subject.

eZ Publish 5 ReST API


On top, please note that brand new iOS and Android SDKs will be made available, along an improved responsive interface framework, to best leverage this ReST API and build compelling mobile solutions for any device. The eZ App Factory application generator (available from eZ Market) is also an option for simple, content-based applications.


New Persistence Layer - eZ Publish Is Ready For The Big Data Contest

The new, layered architecture, proposing a strict and vital separation of concerns, plugs in any data storage system through a clearly defined API/SPI. This in turn means that on top of the traditional Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), like MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle (that are supported natively in the eZ Publish 5 Platform), any storage system can be used. One would immediately think of NoSQL solutions, but cloud storage ones are also to be considered. As well, you can create your own.

So, big data support is right here, right now.

Data Storage SPI - Big Data and NoSQL Readiness in eZ Publish 5 Platform


Symfony 2 Framework At The Heart Of eZ Publish 5 - New Power At The Tip Of Your Fingers

On the next page, all about how eZ Publish 5 is a standard Symfony 2 application. Click on the grey button below to discover how.

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