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eZ Publish 5 Platform, A New Era For, And By Our Community

Thursday 22 November 2012 6:05:04 pm

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Symfony 2 Framework At The Heart Of eZ Publish 5 - New Power At The Tip Of Your Fingers

The eZ Publish Community and the Symfony Community got together, eZ met SensioLabs, to make Symfony 2 available at the heart of eZ Publish. In Symfony 2 terms, eZ Publish is a set of bundles, that can be plugged-in on any Symfony 2 application, seamlessly. In other words, you can now build your custom content-driven applications using the broad set of components and bundles available in the Symfony world, along with eZ Publish 5's extremely powerful new PHP & ReST APIs. A by-product of this is the ability to engage in a new community, on top of the eZ Publish Community: the Symfony folks, exchange knowledge and best practices, unleashing your creativity, speeding-up your custom developments due to the large support of a new community and the vast amount of pre-made solutions (aka Symfony 2 bundles) that can be instantly wired into eZ Publish, as a standard Symfony 2 application.


Fast, Secure and Flexible front-end development with Twig, new template engine

Twig, the default template engine shipped with the Symfony 2 Framework package, is now eZ Publish's default template engine too. It makes it way easier to manipulate content and build the public-facing part of your app: the front-end. Fantastically documented, extremely flexible, equipped with all necessary eZ Publish content-retrieval/display tools you may dream of, extensible (you can, as you used to do in eZ Publish 4.x's template language, still create your own operators and functions), we strongly believe that it is an unparalleled front-end construction toolkit.


How To Embrace This Change - Key Resources

The next page gives pointers to key resources to learn, exchange, and contribute to this eZ Publish 5 Platform and the cool adventure. Click on the grey button below to continue reading.

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