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eZ Publish Cloud - Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

Monday 01 October 2012 11:20:13 am

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  • Christof Zahneissen - Chief Product Officer at eZ Systems
  • Michael Friedmann - Chief Information Officer at eZ Systems
  • Niina Känsälä - Community specialist at Ixonos

One of the most discussed topics in corporate IT is “to go cloud or not to go cloud”. Listening to our customers we hear a lot of questions about how eZ is positioned in this discussion. Today we would like to share our eZ Cloud approach with you and why our customers now benefit from a compelling cloud offering.

eZ Publish Cloud

While we wanted have some quick answers and fast results, we took a step back and researched the market for the best available infrastructure for our cloud offering. While most of you are thinking about Rackspace and Amazon as the best fit, we came to a different conclusion.

We did come to the conclusion that just another Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) approach would not be enough to achieve our goal to reduce the effort and complexity for our customers that is needed to set up high-quality hosting environments. On the other hand a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach would completely erase the necessity to deal with a hosting environment but it would restrict the freedom to create your own solution and write own extensions as well.

Therefore we decided to go for a Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach that takes away the necessity to setup Database clusters, Web-Servers, Solr-Servers, Load Balancers, CDN Integration, etc. but still offers the freedom to run a completely customized ez Publish on top of it. The eZ Cloud was born and we did reach-out for a vendor to provide this great solution.

One of our core principles is to provide great solutions combined with best-in-class services. The vendor with the highest ranking on customer satisfaction and service excellence is Ixonos. And not only that, additionally Ixonos provided us with the most advanced, eZ optimised Red Hat Stack for best performance and a maximum of flexibility and elasticity. 

Ixonos has strong background and global clientele in traditional hosting business. Recently company has turned the years of hosting service experience into success in cloud environment as well. Ixonos Elastic Cloud is not just Red Hat Certified Cloud, but also nominated as a project of the year by Red Hat Nordic. With eZ Publish Cloud, Ixonos is happy to be involved in combining professional application, robust platform and top class service into superior offering.


eZ Publish Cloud is a perfect fit into our ecosystem

What do you think is one of the most crucial success factors in Digital Experience Management or Web Content Management projects? Creating quick results. The biggest impact is, if you are able to focus on your core strengths and develop eZ Publish solutions for your customers very quickly.

With eZ Publish Cloud you can get rid of caring about the stack as well as configuring and optimizing web-servers, load balancers, databases etc. Get the freedom to really focus on your core competency and create a compelling solution. The eZ Cloud will then support you to get this results immediately into production. After you have finished the development it only takes minutes to install this into the production. An automatic deployment mechanism will ensure that all components are installed and that you do not oversee a nitty-gritty but important setting in a config file.

But nobody is free from making mistakes and therefore the computer industry did invent staging environments where you can preview the results before going live, in order to run final checks or get an approval from the customer. The eZ Cloud has an built-in staging environment that is always used before you go live. When everybody is satisfied with the result you just have to press a “go-live” button and the staging environment will become your production environment and the current production environment goes out of service.

Forget about endless discussions about budget enhancements to optimize the performance or building up additional staging and production environments. eZ Publish Cloud provides an environment with a ton of included extras. You and your customer will benefit from CDN Integration, Varnish Caches, eZ Find setup, Memcached environment and much more.


Built for highest security and quality requirements

eZ Publish Cloud is a production environment. This means that you are developing your solutions in your eZ Publish system with freedom for your editors and developers to create a real customer experience and then you publish it to the cloud and leverage all benefits of cloud delivery. All stages have been created and tested by the full expertise of eZ’s R&D team.

Ixonos as a platform provider takes care about the underlying infrastructure with high availability and nearly unlimited bandwidth. We do care about our environment and work hard to make it more powerful, reliable and flexible all the time. Ixonos Elastic Cloud virtualization is monitored 24/7 by automatic monitoring tools and administered by the Ixonos Cloud Team. High industry standard back up and data restore facilities and procedures are followed, and data privacy is controlled on with most rigorous legislation and policies. eZ Publish Cloud solution is fully secure for physical and logical secure aspects from the Cloud environment perspective. So, your data is in good hands!


Learn more

Are you interested to learn how eZ Publish Cloud fits into your situation? We recommend to explore our recent collaterals and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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