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eZ Publish Enterprise Edition Etna (4.7) at a glance. Two webinars scheduled

Tuesday 15 May 2012 5:55:33 pm

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Today is “Release Day” for Enterprise Edition!

While eZ Publish Community Project is updated and published every month  - which is a regular expression of what we, the eZ Community & eZ Engineers, are building very successfully, we have our share of guilty pleasure in the release of the Enterprise Edition.

EDIT : The webinar dates & times have changed, see further below to register (again) !


Also an eZ Community achievement

eZ Publish Enterprise Edition is based on the amazing work done within the eZ Community, by you guys, and eZ's engineering team. We are talking here about the continuous contribution treadmill, bringing an increasing amount of bug-fixes, small enhancements and larger features into eZ Publish Community Project, the bleeding-edge of Enterprise Edition.

Contributing to eZ Publish Community Project, which is widely available and built every month, indirectly means contributing to the Enterprise Edition. It is the normal way in vendor-led open-source communities. The Enterprise Edition at root goes deep into the open-source game, since its development emerges from contributions to the Community Project. It is a two-way contribution.

Many thanks for all of you for having Open-source at heart, making our Community what it is today, increasingly represented through its major achievements.


Etna / 4.7 at a glance:

This Enterprise Edition release brings:

  • eZ Publish Cloud Edition,
  • Integrated eZ Odoscope : Smart Site Analytics,
  • eZ Live Viewer: live content performance and trending,
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing,
  • Enhanced productivity tools,
  • eZ App Factory: mobile apps in a click,
  • eZ Exceed: new generation of user experience,
  • And much more … :)

You can now test drive the eZ Publish Cloud live, powering the latest version of Enterprise Edition. For more details on the full picture of what Etna / 4.7 offers visit -

Two webinars are scheduled on May 24th to present you with the full picture, you can register now :


Want to contribute ?

Feel like contributing to eZ Publish Community Project and be at the heart of the adventure ? Learn how here :

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