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eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 and legacy bridge v1.3.0 is here

Saturday 02 September 2017 12:15:41 am

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eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 is here, offering a single release to use both for the new eZ Platform Enterprise users coming from eZ Publish, and for community users that has previously been forced to pick one of the many community forks.


Bridge over to Legacy

As part of the eZ Platform Enterprise v1.11, eZ Systems now officially support migration usage with Legacy bridge. This involved some coordination with eZ Community board which also had agreed already they wanted to prioritize a new legacy release. To accomplish this quite some work were done together with community maintainers to simplify installation of Legacy Bridge, and a corresponding new release of eZ Publish legacy. Besides benefitting Enterprise users, this also benefits community users which has been either had to use unstable development version, outdated 2014.x or 2015.x releases, or community forks.

Talking about forks, NetGen’s eZ Publish legacy fork received last 2017.07 release in July, and is now deprecated in favor of the shared eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 and higher releases. For this new release NetGen and Mugo contributed two new features,  and eZ contributed 15 security & bug fixes previously delivered to eZ Enterprise 5.x users. We (eZ Systems and eZ Community Board) further encourage other forks to do the same, getting us all back to collaborate on the same source again.


Officially PHP7 support

Like added to 5.4EE last month, this 2017.08 release also comes with official PHP7 support. And as of the next 2017.10 release the PHP7 will be completed to alos avoid deprecation notices (this, because of being a large change will not be back-ported to 5.4).

NOTE: However, just like with 5.4EE release make sure to read the documentation on getting your code ready to run on PHP 7. PHP 7 is a large change for PHP so you’ll need to handle this like a re-launch of your installation with proper testing along the way.

Community vs Enterprise

This release and the next releases will be the exact same across enterprise and community, the difference lies in the maintenance responsibility, security handling, support and services you get as a eZ Enterprise subscriber. Whereas a community user you would need to aim to sometimes solve issues yourselves and rely on community maintainers.

Is this an LTS like 5.4EE?

As written on announcement about enterprise support for legacy bridge. The current release and the next ones are not Long Term Supported releases but rather Fast Track, being done on a bi monthly basis if there are new features to release.

For Enterprise customers the at any point latests fast track release of legacy will in practice be supported by eZ Systems  just as long as the 5.4LTS, until 2021. Given these legacy releases will be supported on eZ Platform v2, and for the length of LTS support periode with v2. For Community users we can at least expect there to be people willing to maintain this for the next few years.

Next big stop eZ Platform v2

While there will be eZ Publish legacy 2017.10 coming in October, the next big stop for both eZ Platform and eZ Publish users will be eZ Platform v2. For those that have attended this year's eZ Conference and this weeks Web Summer Camp already know, it will make life easier for everyone looking to migrate to eZ Platform. We’ll share more on that soon, in the meantime have  look at our blog post for latests info:

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