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Happy New Year: release of must-have extensions for eZ Publish 4.2!

Tuesday 05 January 2010 5:46:50 pm

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A new year never comes without good resolutions, and this applies to eZ: 3 brand new extensions were just released, waiting for you to try them out!

eZ Style editor

Helping you to easily ( read WYSIWYG ) style your website, eZ Style editor brings visual management of a site's look and feel to eZ Publish. And yes, it scales and is certified.

eZ XML export is the certified, industrial tool to push your content beyond the traditional web channel. Share it as XML to other media businesses or 3rd-party content platforms.

Rounding out eZ's trio of releases is a beta, pre-release of eZ Teamroom, collaboration solution based on eZ Publish. Effortless information sharing, an open and intuitive collaboration workflow, event and team document management, intuitive confidentiality levels for your teamrooms, quite a few sweet features to try out before the official release along with eZ Publish 4.3.

More is coming, read on on

Happy new year !

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