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Introducing eZ Platform And Its New Development Cycle

Friday 14 March 2014 4:01:47 pm

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As you may have gathered, we've been doing quite a lot of internal work at eZ over the last year. Aleksander came back as CEO and we have been rethinking and strengthening  eZ’s Organisation and Product Strategy (which is where most of my involvement came in), and also how we articulate our business model on top of an open-source project.

Clarifying our Product Portfolio

eZ Publish has been built over the years on a great vision of a "platform". A platform that developers would use to build websites or applications; a platform that business people (editors, marketers, information workers) would use to bring those websites to life, mostly by creating and managing content and interactions with end-users.

As content has assumed the importance we know for so many businesses, the platform is now used by many different profiles (personas). It has grown organically and has turned out to be quite complex, orchestrating all kinds of interactions with all kinds of people, and operating in two "editions" (the community project and the Enterprise Edition) that don’t always coexist very well.

Our strategy is to move to something simpler and clearer; better defined from a user point of view. We want to provide developers with something clearly for the developer (and not for the marketer). On the other hand, we want to provide the business user with a tool that doesn't require any technical know-how, and which is not a developer tool. As it stands, we tend to combine the two sides a bit too much. In the future, we will strive to change that; put clearly, we want to better serve the "digital managers" - the business owners. 

Initially, we were serving them somewhat indirectly: a lot was "custom made" by integrators and developers on top of eZ Publish Platform, requiring much additional work. We want to give them a more integrated solution - a tool whereby it is not only possible, but possible simply, quickly and efficiently, without too much technical assistance. And we don't believe this is the same as offering a technical platform. We’ll get back to this later; at this point we’re still working on it. No need to promise too much - just know that we’ll be bringing in new solutions in that area and will share them as soon as we can.

For now, I want to talk about what we offer developers: the technical platform.

Introducing eZ Platform


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