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Introducing the 2016.04 Release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio

Thursday 28 April 2016 6:44:02 pm

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We’re very excited to announce the latest release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio: 2016.04. The second Fast Track (FT) release since the launch of our next generation content platform  back in December, 2016.04 delivers a whole slew of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

If you are a customer, you can access the new eZ Enterprise 2016.04 release (eZ Platform and eZ Studio) through our service portal (as well as via Composer update). Partners, you can access the trial version of eZ Enterprise in the Partner Portal, As always, the open source eZ Platform is available for free download at

Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the great features, improvements and bug fixes we have in store with 2016.04. If you want more details, please visit our Documentation site for the official eZ Platform and eZ Studio 2016.04 release notes.

New in eZ Platform

2016.04 also comes with a range of improvements to our open source core,  eZ Platform, so whether you use eZ Enterprise or just the open source, you stand to gain. Here is a quick summary of the main enhancements to the user interface and the technical platform.

Managing sub-items

This was a known issue for eZ Publish legacy users and with 2016.04, it’s now possible, like in good ol’ eZ Publish, to order sub-items listing. Simply click on the  Details sub-tab in the Content view. You can also define the priority of content items in the sub-items view, in a very similar way to eZ Publish.

Watch this quick clip to see what we mean:

2016.04 also delivers the first phase of a new feature which will come in 2016.06: the visual grid view of sub-items. As part of 2016.04,  the sub-item view is now extensible and customizable. Developers will be able to develop their own! In our next release, we’ll roll out an upgraded grid view with more fancy and visual interactions. The real business benefit will come then, but for now, if you have need for a specific view of the sub-items, the feature is ready to customize and extend. Reach out, we’d love to help!

Trash management

This is another small thing that was actually in high demand by the first users of eZ Platform. Like with eZ Studio, you can now  empty the Trash in eZ Platform and restore content that is in the Trash. Not the most shiny feature, but a very important one!

Support for field categories

The ability to use field categories can help information architects define a better and clearer content structure, making it easier for editors to understand and navigate the the information architecture. We made this feature available in a very similar way to eZ Publish legacy. When defining content types, the information architect can group the field definitions in different categories and, as a result, editors have a clear and well structured view of the different sets of fields.

Beginners tutorial

We’ve improved our beginners tutorial for developers. We will keep working on it and make it even better in the future, but if you are new and ready to develop on eZ Platform, it’s an excellent starting point. Check it out!

As you know, we also provide eZ Studio, a commercial add-on for eZ Platform. Here is what's in there for this release.

New in eZ Studio

Version Management

Version management is a critical requirement for any editor, and it’s now available in eZ Studio.  Simply click the Versions button in the toolbar to view/edit different versions of your content.


Here is a quick video showcasing some of the functionality:

Send to Trash

It may not be the first thing you think of when you consider everything that goes into a CMS but let’s face it, Trash matters. After all, it’s helpful to keep your repository tidy and you never know, you might decide later that one of those items in Trash is actually worth reusing.

You’re now able to send content to the Trash directly from eZ Studio, within the Options button. If you’d like to see all the content in the trash, simply switch back to Content Mode and visit Trash.  

Options menu


In addition to the Send to Trash functionality, the Copy URL functionality now also lives within the Options menu.

Here’s a quick video of the Send to Trash functionality:

New Guide and Tools For Upgrading from eZ Flow

Many organizations want to upgrade from eZ Publish or eZ Publish Platform to eZ Enterprise, and with 2016.04 we offer a new guide and some tools to help you move from eZ Flow to the landing page system in eZ Studio.  While there are inevitably some manual tasks required such as migrating templates and custom code, we continue to work on providing a clear path for upgrading to the new platform, and we hope these resources will make it easier.

Collapsing Toolbars

A basic but important improvement, the Collapsing Toolbar functionality allows users to have more space on their screen dedicated to their pages. The functionality is similar to the way the navigation toolbar currently collapses on scroll in Content Mode.

Here’s a demonstration of the Collapsing Toolbar:

Learn More

There are many other enhancements and improvements to eZ Studio. Check out the Studio release notes for the full list.

Learn more

 eZ Platform also brings a wide range of bug fixes to stabilize the core. Please check out the release notes for more information.

Looking ahead to 2016.06 and 2016.08

With the upcoming Fast Track (FT) releases, 2016.06 and 2016.08, we will focus on solving issues and add new, innovative features to eZ Platform and eZ Studio.

Some of the features we’re working on work on are:

  • eZ Platform:
    • Finalize the new view of sub-items, including the visual grid view.
    • Replace the current content tree U.I with a new one providing a much improved user experience, starting by revamping the Universal Discovery Widget
    • Allow developers to set up user generated content feature on their sites
    • Provide the version management capabilities in the content repository in Platform UI
    • Allow for “on the fly” content creation when using the Universal Discovery Widget
    • Provide devops with tools to simplify deployment via docker
    • And many other things
  • eZ Studio:
    • Core UX and design improvements to the Landing Page editor
    • Creating and uploading content through several different areas within Page Mode
    • Being able to schedule in advance the publication of  regular content such as articles
    • Finalize the architecture of the new Form Builder and develop the first iteration 

Developers, let’s collaborate!

As always, we’d really like to work closely with members of the eZ Community on development of eZ’s new solutions. 

If you are curious about the short-term roadmap, our engineering development board is shared publicly at: We encourage you to visit that URL to get a clear idea of the “epics” (big features) we’re working on.

Our goal with making this public is to allow our community to discuss and comment on our progress, and to make it easier for you to pick features you’d like to contribute to. We encourage you to interact with us there! We also have the eZ Community Slack channel (sign up here if you’re not already on the channel), so please feel free to engage. 

Also, we collect a lot of feedback and requests but we never get enough. If you have a need or a request, please feel free to reach out to or send requests using And as always, if there are any features that you want to help build, get in touch with us and the eZ Community.

We hope you enjoy this latest release and are excited for what’s to come as we continue to make eZ Platform and eZ Studio the best enterprise-grade CMS in the world!


The Product Management Team @ eZ

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