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Kilimanjaro (5.0), 2012.10 and Translation Campaign: Update After 3 Weeks, Last Week Starting!

Monday 22 October 2012 7:32:44 pm

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We are entering the last week of this translation campaign, after a relative engagement this time. As updated last time, you can find below the progress made.

French, Croatian and Polish are leading this campaign

The translation efforts in the past two weeks were focused on French, Croatian and Polish, as follows:

fre-FR 99% --> 99%
cro-HR 91% --> 100%
fre-FR 91% --> 99%
pol-PL 0% --> 100%  
cro-HR 97% --> 100%
fre-FR 99% --> 100%

Jump-in and help the eZ Publish Community reach-out to more cultures

All you need to know to get going is detailed on the campaign launch-page.

Note that is you are having trouble using git/github to submit your translation work, you can, as a last-resort, reach-out to me (community A't let your work be wasted.

Keep-up everyone, we have one week left to pimp-up eZ Publish language-wise!

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