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Members Of The Community, Tell Us More About Yourself!

Tuesday 05 February 2013 2:49:19 pm

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We want to support you more and better. And for that, we need to know you better.  How can you help us?  Read on.


Its been one of the projects maturing in Nicolas’ head for a long time (yeah, with lots of other ideas!). I’m really happy to announce that, thanks to Sylvain’s help, inputs from the Community and support from colleagues, the new Profile is now online!


Enriched Profile, what is it exactly?

As I told you in my last blog post, “Nicolas could easily identify the growing need for care of the eZ Community”.  How can we properly take care of members if we don’t have enough information about them? How can we customize our announcements, action, conferences, trainings if we don’t know what you like or what you need?

This new enriched profile will help us to adapt the way we communicate with you. We’re planning to have localized in-person meetups in a near future. How can we invite you if we don’t even know in what area you’re located? We'd love to meet you guys in-person more often, at our events or neighbor communities', on social media channels more frequently. This gives more feedback from the the community, so we can make this place even more useful to you.

You will have the possibility to fill in your Github or Twitter account. Because these platforms are the one you use to commit or to communicate with the Community, we want to be sure we don’t miss you there. You may want to visit your brand new profile page again, and make sure you have an "all-stars" type of profile (Hint: aim at 100%)."



What reward if I complete my profile?

I know you’re players and you like to have something to win. Filling out your profile is going to be rewarding. First of all, you will receive more accurate information from the Community Team. We exist for you, so we want to get closer to you. By end of February, you will also receive a badge!  You’ll hear more about the badges in one of my future blog posts.


How do I update my profile?

Just go to and once you’re logged in, click on your user name in the top-right corner of the page. There, you can edit your account and profile information.


And if you need help, you know we’re here for you, right?  Drop us a line : community [a]

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