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Should We Show More Love to MariaDB?

Friday 01 February 2013 1:05:58 am

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Hi eZ Community,

Welcome to the monthly Product Management poll! Nicolas suggested this idea of a monthly poll. So here we go, I decided to add to my 2013 the resolution of doing a monthly poll on, on the eZ Community, as a way to interact more and get better feedback from eZ Publish users and developers in general. So here is my January poll, just on time before the closing of the month:

There are more and more talks about Maria DB taking over Mysql as the main mysql-based database (for those not aware of the story, I recommend simply the Wikipedia entry). Recently, there are rumors that both Fedora and OpenSuse might embrace MariaDB as their main db engine, instead of the original MySQL. See for instance fedora-linux-considering-switching-out-mysql-for-mariadb or opensuse-also-considers-switching-from-mysql-to-mariadb. Fedora replacing MySQL with MariaDB would be a very strong sign, especially for us as we use RedHat Enterprise Linux as our reference platform as today. At the same time, it must be said that MySQL keeps improving, shows some nice progress and promises.

While I must confess I am not that into really deep technical or religious discussions on the topic, I really think it is important for us at eZ to know what is the feel of the community here before anything. We have been with MySQL for a while now. We might switch at some point, and this shall be a decision where every one is involved!

If you read this post, please take 1 additional minute to answer the following poll!

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