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The first release of eZ Platform is out, the first step toward the future of the eZ Community

Wednesday 16 December 2015 12:08:31 am

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A new major content platform is out today. eZ Platform has reached its first independent stable milestone. It’s a major leap for the eZ Community, and a stepping stone for much more to come.

eZ Platform rocket launch

As of today, our very first stable version of eZ Platform is here, described by Roland in the following way:

“Today at eZ, we released the first stable versions of eZ Platform and eZ Studio. This is a big day for everyone in the eZ ecosystem and more importantly, it’s the beginning of a new era for eZ software. Please check out the official press release.

Reaching today’s milestone was no small feat. We designed and built our new generation of content management software for more than 3 years in collaboration with passionate, dedicated members of the eZ community. We introduced the technical infrastructure of this new generation progressively starting with the eZ Publish Platform 5.x series and then we rethought the whole user interaction and interface. Congrats to everyone involved!

We decided to design eZ Platform and eZ Studio by focusing on core functionality, with a limited feature scope that does not cover the whole range of capabilities eZ Publish offers. Delivering the full range of eZ Publish’s features would have been too risky, and we much prefer to release early and often, and listen to our customers. That’s the way software should be done, at least that is what we think.”

For further reading, check out Roland’s blog post.

Made possible by you

Several people in the community have contributed to this release over the past 3-4 years, both in terms of code, bug fixes, issues and discussions. We have all spent countless hours refining the platform into what it is today. Without you, the release today would not have been possible. No matter how big or small your contribution has been, we, eZ and the community, salute you!

eZ was built on the core philosophy that our technology can become much better through open collaboration. This is just as true today, and we believe even more so in the future.

Towards a new era

Today is a indeed a great step however, however we are far from finished. As Roland wrote, this is just the beginning for eZ Platform. Equally important, there is so much potential for us to collaborate more closely together with the Community, and this is something that is very much on our minds as we approach 2016.

So instead of me talking about features we want to focus on next year (we'll do that once the dust settles), I’d like instead to outline how we would like to work closer with the Community.

Community, Community, Community

This release is not just another release. It also marks another big step towards our vision of making eZ Platform a truly great open source platform that is highly competitive against Drupal, Typo3, Joomla and others. With eZ Platform’s focus on flexibility, user experience and stability, its vast potential for growth, its scalability and the many potentially great improvements in the future, we think we have the key ingredients to shake the CMS landscape .

For that to happen, we need to step up community involvement.

Knowing first hand it takes two to tango, we would like to look into the following next year:

  • Free up more time of key eZ employees to be able to coordinate with the community, essentially making them work in the community, some examples:
    • Set aside time for Lead Developers to mentor contributors both inside as well as outside the company
    • Spend more time on documenting how to contribute/develop on the different parts of the software.
  • Identify how we can better organize an open specification process
  • Open up for active contributors to take part in our open source Platform team
    • Maybe even joining our daily standup meetings remotely
    • If very active, also be invited (and sponsored) to our development workshops.
  • On top of this we have lots of improvements we would like to do on the community platforms. Some of what comes to mind includes:
    • Updating and streamlining
    • Coming up with a new generation of and eZ Market built on top of existing composer/packagist and infrastructure.

Any further ideas? Do you have topic you burn for? Let's discuss here, or feel free to send an email to the eZ Community board if you’d like to give feedback or would like to help form the future of eZ Community.

Relevant release links

Appetite for more? Well, today is your lucky day as we have lots of new content out regarding the initial release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio:

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