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Welcome the August 2016 release of eZ Platform an eZ Enterprise

Friday 02 September 2016 9:24:12 pm

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As we enter the last part of the summer, we’re happy to announce the availability of the August fast track release of eZ Enterprise and eZ Platform. The software was built yesterday after a final sprint of certification and quality assurance. With this release, eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise have both reached version 1.5.0.

This summer release has been focused mostly on stabilization and small improvements.  Summer has never been the  time to engage in epic new features! You can learn more about the release in the release notes of eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise.

In a nutshell, here is what you can expect:

  • Version management in eZ Platform
    The functionalities around versioning of content have been improved.  New capabilities include suppression of drafts and archived versions, creation of new drafts from older archives as well as a better way to deal with multiple drafts.
  • Search in eZ Platform
    We previously introduced a search prototype. We’ve been improving this feature, we implemented the support for full text indexing and search when not using Solr in the back end. This option will not be as advanced as using Solr, but it can still provide basic full text search.
  • Groundwork for future Symfony 3 support
    We’ve been providing a lot of fixes and improvements to insure a good support of Symfony 2.8 and down the road, Symfony 3. The technical stack is getting ready to embrace the new generation of Symfony, most of the groundwork has been done.
  • Landing page management in eZ Studio
    The landing page editor has been improved with a long list of minor enhancements that make the user experience better. The devil is in the details, as we say!

Beyond these improvements, the release includes a list of 71 enhancements and bug fixes touching all parts of the application, in particular the REST API, and the editorial experience of eZ Studio. Besides that, some improvements also touched the Platform and Studio demo bundles.

Together with this release, we are happy to unveil the new eZ Platform website: (quite naturally made with eZ Platform). From now on, this will be the hub for developers looking for eZ Platform resources. We started with the download and access to the documentation. We will enrich this website with more, but will keep it very lean and absolutely focused on eZ Platform, using for that ended up being a bit confusing, having to provide for both eZ Platform and eZ Publish legacy. We want to make it simple for developers to experience eZ Platform!

So the August release is now officially available, with eZ Platform 1.5.0 availble for download via and eZ Enterprise 1.5.0 available to customers in their service portals as well as available for trial to partners in the partner portal. Please check it out!

Now, about what’s coming next: a good part of the product team here is already working for future versions of eZ Platform and new features in eZ Studio. We are working on both the October release and the December long term support release. There are a lot of very exciting new capabilities that are coming and we look forward to your feedback. If you are curious, feel free to check our development board, as a reminder, our release process is described here.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to post any comment or feedback to us at!

The Product Management Team @ eZ

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