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Wrap-up of the eZ Partner Conference in Lisbon + Slides

Tuesday 21 February 2012 5:44:46 pm

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A few days after the end of this wonderful meet-up of eZ Partners, here is a feel of what happened, and, most important, the slides of the Community track. Read on !


A warm meet-up in a Mediterranean set-up

What a delight to meet again in a warm and sunny place while the temperature is averaging around -10 Celsius elsewhere ! The community track made us busy for one full day, in this pretty sleek hotel (although a little black) of Lisbon down-town. The next grand meeting will be the eZ Conference (details to be announced very soon), but we'll meet before, regionally. Stay tuned !

For your pleasure now : the slides.


Slides of the Community track




Nicolas' slides

What's up for 2012 and 'Commun-engineering' ( or “reinforcing collaboration on the product development field, practical aspects” )

eZ Publish is an open-source project, backed by a vendor, a network of partners, and a large community. 2011 saw a huge surge of participation from the eZ Community with close to 500 direct code contributions.

After a detailed overview of what happened in 2011 and what is lining-up for 2012 in the eZ Community, this talk will give you a comprehensive view on "Commun-engineering", the fusion of the eZ Engineering taskforce and eZ Community members are collaborating on larger product features. From A to Z, how this exactly happens. An open cookbook for everyone to understand, and participate to eZ Publish's evolution, practically.

Nicolas Pastorino

Nicolas Pastorino - Director Community Management at eZ

Joe's slides

Sebastiaan's slides

David's slides

Gaetano's slides

Stig Martin's slides

Lightning talks - series of 5 to 10 minutes flash talks on tech topics

  • Advanced Calendar features - Joe Kepley
  • eZ Publish YouTube extension - Sebastiaan van der Vliet
  • "The Cool Interface" - let us connect - David Hohl
  • Content staging for the ReST of us ? - Gaetano Giunta
  • It's all about the UX: Smart media handling, dashboard, & instant collaboration - Stig Martin Fiskaa


Joe Kepley

Joe Kepley – Director of Development at Blend Interactive



Sebastiaan van der Vliet – Owner at Fumaggo

"Sebastiaan van der Vliet has developed websites for eZ
Publish since 2002. His clients included Hitachi, Arcadis, Unesco-IHE,
LabforCulture, Hivos and Sanoma. In 2011 he established,
focussed on extension development for eZ Publish and Drupal."


David Hohl

David Hohl – Project Leader at Silver Solutions GmbH
"14 years developer experience with different CMS & Shop Systems (eZ Publish, Wordpress, Powerslave, Joomla, CS-Cart, XT-Commerce and more). In the last years Project Manager for website- and shopsolutions. Special Skills: Conception, Usability, SEO and Social Media"


Gaetano Giunta

Gaetano Giunta - Principal Consultant International Business, Chief Technology Advisor - eZ Innovation Board
"Consultant, trainer, project manager, architect, sysadmin, and developer at heart. Serving the eZ customers, partners and community since 2007"

Stig Martin Fiskaa

Stig Martin Fiskaa - Head of Innovation at Keyteq
"Being part of both product and customer related innovation projects Stig Martin keeps up pace between the world of tech, user experience, marketing and customer demand."

Christian's slides

How to speed-up the launch of your extension on eZ Market – The dos and don'ts

Christian will brush-up on what is needed, on top of a normal eZ Publish extension development, to push your extension in eZ Market : doc, guidelines, the process overview. Join-in and get a thorough understanding of how you can start your business in eZ Market, in a fully interactive talk.


Christian Pfeffer Gjengedal

Christian Pfeffer Gjengedal - Product Manager, eZ Market at eZ


The latest from eZ Engineering


eZ Engineering team : Bertrand Dunogier, Damien Pobel, Lukasz Serwatka, Andre Rømcke
Gilles' slides

eZ Publish Caching Mechanisms : Spicy Details

This talk describes how eZ Publish manage its different cache systems (low level), and by the way how to optimize & deploy an high traffic website life-cycle

Gilles Guirand

Gilles Guirand - CTO at Kaliop

Ivo's slides

How to Grow Your Business Through More Community Engagement

Why engage? What is in it for me and my company? How to engage Levels of engagement:

  • read (,,
  • ask (forum stats, blog comment, complain on twitter)
  • small content (give response on forum, sometimes tweet, google+ )
  • medium content (blog, small extension, encircling topics in your work, twitter every day, google+, quora)
  • big content(thought leader, tutorials, extensions, books, video materials)

About ROI of engagement

Ivo Lukac

Ivo Lukac - Web Architect at Netgen
"System Architect at Netgen; Tech: CMS, eZPublish, PHP; Services: pm, development, support, maintenance, upgrades (getting things done); Hobbies: judo, swimming"

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