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eZ Publish 4.7, a debugger's best friend

Sunday 25 March 2012 3:13:21 am

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Why? Simple:

After a long wait, my pull request to enhance the stock looks of the debug output report has been merged:

But there's more... read on for the details.

This means that developers get:

  • more readable output, with data in columns neatly aligned, better usage of datatype indicators and renamed column headers
  • the 3 most important resource usage indicators (time, memory, db queries) grouped at the top of the report
  • more precise timing points (and module_start is now not set at 0, but at the time the module starts execution, counted from start of index.php)
  • new time accumulators: time spent in opening db connections and in autoloading php classes
  • a new, optional table in the report: list of php files included


Satisfied? There's even more:

The latest version  of ezgeshi ( integrates with the debug output, rewriting it so that all filenames of tpl, js, css, php files that are listed within the report get transformed into links that take the developer to the source code, in highlighted form.


And for the future?

Fear not, there's still a ton of improvement ahead. What I'm currently thinking about, is to work on existing extensions (eg: arh_jdebug) to make the debug output closer to "Php Bug Lost":

  • debug should be on top of screen, where devs see it, not at the bottom where no-one scrolls to if he's not obliged
  • debug should start in "closed" form, and the user should be able to open it on demand, switching between different debug panes
  • the number of error messages / warnings present in the report should be definitely more visible
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