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Improving the eZ Publish Debug Output

Monday 05 December 2011 4:35:47 pm

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The Debug Report is every eZ Publish developer's best friend. Alas, it is often underrated because its appearance is somewhat lacking, and the big amount of data it spews out is hard to decode for the uninitiated.

Interested in something easier on the eye, more accurate in its findings, and more detailed as well? please bear with me in a tale of improvement of very (very) old php code...

Everything started when, during my work as a consultant, I was asked to provide some accurate statistics about the time eZ Publish spends in the various tasks it undetrakes in order to build a web page.

Unsatisfied with the data gathered by the existing debug report, I opened a bug report, to collect all my ideas for improvement:

Later on, I managed to find enough time to dust off my git-fu and propose a pull request:

Last but not least, I took a screen dump of the debug report as it looks after the cure:

And since I'm a community-oriented guy, I am now posting here, to gather further feedback and comments from fellow eZ-heads...

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